Should I open my own preschool?



Hello Everyone,

I’ve been kicking around the idea of starting my own kindergarten. As a native English speaker I would certainly be “ignoring” some of the rules regarding second language instruction at preschools but then, isn’t everyone? Honestly, I know that I could do a better job than at least half of these schools and at a cheaper price. It seems that the major cost associated with running a kindergarten is paying the foreign teacher. Based on this logic I could start my own school and pocket the money that would otherwise go to a boss that, ostensibly, does nothing :yum:

As I look into the business I have learned that some schools charge around $30,000 a month for native English instruction. This seems ridiculously high considering my monthly salary rarely reaches past $60,000. Is there something I am missing or did I just find a way to print money? :smile:

Looking forward to hearing what you think…


30,000 a month would be fairly high end, close to international school prices. 20,000 all in is more like a typical price, 10,000 would be bargain basement with no English. Those are full time 8am to 4pm kindy prices.


A part of me wants to open a school and charge the same amount as the cheapest Chinese kindergarten. My old boss had me teaching a group of 20 little kids crammed into a classroom. If I could do that I would be pulling in about $200,000 a month minus the cost of a couple Chinese teachers (who do exactly squat IMHO) :laughing:


Here’s an explanation of the “educare” law, in case you missed it. Summary: it’s not just about language classes.


The biggest hurdle to starting a preschool does seem to be the law. Its hilarious to me that they would feel the need to confine the scope of early childhood education. This is especially ludicrous considering how beneficial bilingual education can be between the ages of 1-7.

I’m very hesitant to wade into the muddy waters that is teaching English in preschools. The law is so unevenly applied that I could be singled out quite easily for reasons I don’t yet understand. The more I think about this post the more I realize how nefarious it could seem. Its like asking advice for how to rob a bank.

Perhaps I should include an addendum that states this is just a flight of fancy. I don’t have the means or the desire to open up a school. Still, its interesting thought experiment :innocent:


Well not quite, afaik you’re just looking at administrative violations, unless you cause an official to make a false entry in an official document or that sort of thing, which would be criminal. (This is assuming that you don’t hire any foreigners who don’t have open work rights, of course.)

We don’t encourage or condone illegal acts here. :innocent: I’m firmly in the yes-let-kids-learn-freaking-English camp, but I understand the concern about “academic” pursuits in kindergartens i.e. overworking the kids instead of letting them play. Hopefully one day the government will implement a more enlightened policy. :rainbow: