Should I pay for our Chinese New Year trip?

My g/f and I booked a trip to Bali for CNY but I think we have a little problem. I have my ARC and working visa but my g/f doesn’t because they’re still in the process of getting the paper work done. When she went to Hong Kong to extend her visitor’s visa almost 2 months ago, they told her that she couldn’t extend it anymore.

So now the travel agent wants us to pay for our trip but I’m worried that my g/f won’t be able to enter Taiwan once we get back.

What should we do? I can’t believe that it’s January and the school still hasn’t gotten this paper work done…Talk about inefficient people over here. We’ve been here since September. My girlfriend’s extension on her visitor’s visa expired on the 24th of December but my school told me that we shouldn’t worry about it because her work visa is in the process of being finalize. Is this B.S because I’m tired of getting lied to over here. Can’t trust anybody but my Forumosan friends.


It’s true that she is ok (as far as being in the country, NOT teaching) as long as the visa is in process. Why have they finished yours but not hers?

What school do you work at? That’s way too long to get the visa process done…

I think that the OP should be a bit concerned about this situation.

It only takes around one month to process teachers paperwork inclusive of work permit, resident visa and ARC. A delay of four months indicates trouble.

While it is true that provided you get your paperwork (inclusive of your work permit) to BOCA (the visa office) prior to your visa expiring, that you are covered even if your visa expires while they are processing your new visa. However BOCA only takes 10 days to process your resident visa and therefore if your girlfriends visa expired on December 24th, then the school would have had to have submitted her documents to BOCA by the 24th at the latest. Therefore she should have received her resident visa by now and the fact that she hasn’t would suggest to me that the school may not be being honest.

I would ask the school exactly where your girlfriends passport is now. Whatever office they say it is at will have issued a receipt for it to be picked up so ask to see the receipt!