Should I update my NHI card number?

I updated my NHI card with my new ID number. You do not lose any medical records. But you need to let your doctors you visit know, so they can update their local file on you.

Also you should let your employer know about the new ID and let them file for a change in NHI and labor insurance payments.



Thanks for the update.

Hi @pikabon I am interested to know how do you change/update the NHI number?

could you share?


I was asking the same question. “Slawa” said he updated his. You should ask him.

How to get NHI card with new ID?

Let your employer change your NHI and labor insurance payments to the new ID. Apply for a new NHI card a week or so later.

You or your employer should fill out the form here to ensure your labour insurance contributions are still registered to the same person, one copy should be sent to the Ministry of Labour (勞動部勞工保險局,臺北市中正區羅斯福路一段4號) and the other should be forwarded to the National Heath Insurance Bureau in your region (see form for addresses). Despite the claims that you don’t have to update your NHI card, I don’t really see how this is going to be possible, given that on the bottom of the form it says that your original NHI card will be cancelled when the new data is received, hence:

NHI card renewal: This is relatively pain-free, simply go to the Post Office and ask to renew your NHI card, with your ARC and a photocopy of both sides, one photograph (most machines have a special setting for NHI card photos) and NT$200. You should receive your new card in 5 working days. And after you receive it, you can switch your NHI app card to the new one.

Stuff you need to do after you get the new format UI ARC | Translating Taiwan 台灣翻版


Hi guys,

I got last week an APRC with a new UI no.
Do you know which document I need to provide to NHI to update my insurance card?


After getting my APRC with the new number format. My employer told me to get a new NHI card as the old one was about to be canceled. I went to the NHI office and got the new card in about 30 mins total (not including driving time). I was previously under the impression I wouldn’t have to do this. But yeah surprise surprise.


Ya but

This is their official line which is just bullshit:

“ ■Question: After I change to the new number, will I need to change my National Health Insurance (NHI) Card? Will I have to pay a fee for this?

Answer: You can still use your original NHI Card. If you wish to replace it with a card bearing your new number, you can go to the National Health Insurance Administration website or counter ”

Other bullshit:
“ ■Question: After I change to the new number, will I be able to purchase tickets for public transportation (such as trains, buses and the high-speed railway) in convenience stores?


  1. Train/bus tickets: Foreign nationals can use their passport number or their new or original ID number to book tickets in convenience stores.”

NHI didn’t even allowed me to change my card to the new UI. They said it was a waste of 200NT and waste of card material, was blamed for “not knowing my Original UI was in the back” so means I can still use it.

Also he noticed it was a TARC and eventually need to be changed to Taiwan ID so would need another 200NT and another card plastic.


Yes, they will try to persuade you not to change. But if your employer changes NHI contributions to new ID your card will be cancelled.
You can just insist on the change. In your case you probably can wait until you get the Taiwan ID and ignore all of this new ID nonsense.

You can show them the form 被保險人變更事項申請書(勞保、健保及勞退3合1表格)


I will need to check on this again then. I changed my UI back in May and my employer was notified at the same time, I’ve used my NHI and it still works.

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Ask you employer if they send out the form I linked. They might just have updated their internal HR data. But in your case just wait for your Taiwan ID to avoid hassle.


That I will do… May 2022!


Wow! Which NHI service center was this?

Is this a widespread thing? Sad.

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I think this is their official policy. I was told they don’t do it for new ID changes when I went first time. There was a language barrier as all of them were old and did not speak any English. I also did not know about the employer form then.

Second time I went it was the same, but I insisted and they eventually did help me fill out the form.
I showed them cancellation text in the form.

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Damn! The one near Taipei Main Station?

No, I am in Nantou City. The nearest NHI office is in Caotun.
I have heard from several people the same about staff telling people not to renew the NHI card on new ID change.

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And when you get upset and tell them to do their job, they give you the shocked pikachu face.

I wouldn’t have to get upset if people did their goddamn jobs.

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I went to this one and spoke in full Chinese and he insisted on not giving me an updated card.

I can’t confirm this, but there may have been a communication to NHI in Taipei and Nantou on Friday. If such a communication happened, it may have been telling such people to sort themselves out.