Should I watch The Godfather Part III?

I’ve seen the first two, and enjoyed them immensely. However, we’ve all had the memory of great films despoiled by the dross that follows, like Infernal Affairs with its dire sequels or the shite that George Lucas made after Return of the Jedi.

I’ve heard some very negative reviews of Part III. So, should I watch it, or would it be better to savour the first two and leave the third untouched?

The 3rd one is pretty crap, but it didn’t really change my opinions of the first 2. Not like new Star Wars ones did.

It has its’ moments, but on the whole it can’t touch the first two.

I like any movie that has location shots of Sicily. So for that, it’s ok. Mostly it sucks, though.

What CF said – though I am fond of the ironic use of “Your sins are terrible. It is just that you suffer.”

That’s an offer that you can refuse.

It doesn’t compare to the first two, but it’s not entirely garbage.

It’s a tad boring.

“Just when I thought I was out–they pull me back in!”

Great movie. Al Pacino is awesome.

:laughing: Yeah – boy films.

hey! I like all boy films. I meant compared to the first 2 the 3rd is booring. I only like boy films and think there is something seriously wrong with me coz I can’t tolerate the Meg Ryan- julia roberts, crap. ‘Love actually’ being an exception.

Ever seen the iron monkey?? I see it twice a year :loco: :loco: :laughing:

:laughing: Yeah – boy films.[/quote]
Buttercup prefers “Godmother Part 111”.

I’m one of those people who thinks that # 1 is much better than # 2. # 1 is the story of a good man who slowly transforms into a bad man. # 2 just dances around the edges of that, and sets up a pattern of violence which becomes quite predictable by # 3. The only real surprise in # 3 is that not everybody who you’d think would die, actually does die.

The other big problem with # 3 was casting–Coppola didn’t want to pay as much as Robert De Niro was demanding, so he replaced him with some new guy, and cast his daughter in a major role for which she just wasn’t good enough. I still enjoyed some of it, though, especially the subplot involving the Catholic Church. Some critic said the boxed set of all three movies should really be considered two movies, plus one DVD “extra” (the third movie).


Ever seen the iron monkey?? I see it twice a year :loco: :loco: :laughing:[/quote]

this one
or this one


the first is a late night classic!

:laughing: Yeah – boy films.[/quote]
Buttercup prefers “Godmother Part 111”.[/quote]

Sorry, I’ll shut up! :laughing: I have no taste in films at all.

BC, you don’t have to. We’d be boring without you.
I meant tarantino’s iron monkey! Don’t you guys love it???

[quote=“divea”]BC, you don’t have to. We’d be boring without you.
I meant tarantino’s iron monkey! Don’t you guys love it???[/quote]

he just presented it. It was good for Donnie Yen. Iron monkey from 1977 though has Beardy (Leung Kar Yan), the Foot Doctor (Wilson Tong) and Chen Kwan Tai as the hero. 70’s kung fu don’t come much better than that!

[color=#FF0040]Godfather 3 sucked Iron Monkey balls. [/color]

I would truly like to touch Sophia Coppala’s private parts and I LOVE her directing-but she stank up the place. Even the sexy making gnoucci scene. Andy Garcia-they got a Mexican to do a wop’s job and they got what they paid for.

Download the sound tracks and make spaghetti and meatballs before the movie, listen to the music, watch the movie. Try not to scream out the taglines.

maybe its about time for a part 4? before everyone gets too wrinkly.