Should men be barred from political office?

I was recently reading about Ted Turner and an old speech in which he (apparently facetiously?) stated,

And simultaneously reading a comic book I downloaded called “Y: The Last Man,” wherein all men on earth (except one) die and women do take control. Given the circumstances, they do their best, but the world still spirals towards destruction.

I was wondering who would agree with Ted, and who would disagree. Personally, I think that it would be discriminatory to ban men from public office but the ends might outweigh the means… I really haven’t made up my mind.

Because as Catherine the Great, Margaret Thatcher, Dowager Empress Zhu Xi, Imelda Marcos, Queen Mary of the Scots, Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth I, Hillary Clinton, and last but certainly not least Taiwan’s own Annette Lu, have proved that women aren’t corrupt, venal, petty, bloodthirsty, power-mad, abusive, incompetent, or just plain bat-shit insane when they achieve power. Unlike men.

Yeah … I heard that claim too that women would be so much more successful with everything they engage in.

Given though that across recorded history, all around the globe, all across cultures, time and you name it matriarch societies are the exception … just how comes that such a “successful” gender never managed to have any success in building female run societies all across history, cultures, time, etc. etc.?

And I think there ends the claim of “female superiority”. Women had millions of years to show they could come up with a competitive model. They did not. Anyone want to offer an excuse why?

“Woe me! Woe me! It is the end of the world!” :runaway:

Is it just me or does this guy sound awfully like Fred with his “all is so rotten, only I, oh yes I, have the fabulantastic plan how to avert disaster just yet! Paradise is just in the making …” :unamused:

That’s sort of what Y: The Last Man comes up with, too.

you screwed up royally on that last one… with the possible exception of bloodthirsty Annette Lu hits it out the park on every criteria you listed… then again ‘she’ may be automatically disqualified right out the gate since ‘she’ can wear all the floral prints, frilly hats and makeup ‘she’ likes, but like a lot of people, I still have my doubts… :astonished:

I could get behind barring human beings from political office. In fact, I’d take it a step further and ban political offices alogether. I don’t need someone else screwing my life up for me. I’m perfectly capable of doing it on my own, thank you very much.

Let computers pick up the slack… an interesting theory.