Should one pursue an autism diagnosis? How does it work?

You cannot “get tested” for Asperger syndrome. Although some test instruments have been developed, they all rely heavily on the interpretation of the clinician for their validity, mainly because there is ongoing argument about what Asperger’s even is.

The bottom line is this: what would you do with the outcome of the test? Whether it’s negative or positive, what would you do with that information? There is no treatment, as such, for either condition (IMO Asperger’s is incorrectly included in the ‘autism spectrum’ - it is qualitatively different and has no identifiable neurological cause).

If you believe that you have some specific cognitive issues, then your best bet is to simply identify what they are (with help from a friend if necessary) and find workarounds for them.

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Thank you for your answer .
Those places exist in my country ( I will not mention it because I want to stay anonymous ) they help and provide good guidance .
Why this" "diagnosis "? Simply because I want to put a word on what I am and get advice about how to deal with life in general.It might sound not necessary but it is for me to move on .

The problem here is that, if they tell you “no, you don’t have Asperger’s”, you’ll feel dissatisfied and seek another clinician who will give you the answer you want.

You already know “what you are”. You’re you. You can move on if you want to, simply by researching ways of dealing with whatever problems you’re facing, but it seems to me you’re finding excuses to avoid that. Commit to the changes first, and you’ll feel a lot happier for it.


How do you get diagnosed for this? Someone asks a bunch of questions and concludes you must be autistic? Or is it based on your history or actions? Is someone who gambles repeatedly even when they lose money considered autistic?

It’s all about behaviour, of course. I don’t see why anyone should change their behaviour, unless it’s harmful to others. Or, it’s holding them back in some way. If the latter is the case with the OP then I doubt there will be much help in Taiwan.

Two of my mates are definitely on the spectrum. They’re my mates.

It may be important to get diagnosis for government assistance. That is something you definitely need if that is what you are after.

I am trying to get them for this reason. I have so far only found a clinic.

If you are trying to get it at a hospital you must look under pediatrics psychiatrist, but I do not know if they even know how to deal with adult diagnosis…

It’s not something that professionals in Taiwan are even aware of it seems.

Have you not found anyone who will give you a diagnosis?

I really don’t know who to go to. I found this clinic in Xinyi district and their appointment is backed up 3 months at least.

Shrinks at the hospital knows nothing about autism.

The standard to get govt assistance in Taiwan is medium severity autism. So Asperger’s may not qualify.

You need the diagnosis to get some kind of financial aid, yeah? Would getting the diagnosis privately work?

What’s the difference between Autism and Aspergers?

no, you need diagnosis from a licensed shrink. At a public hospital (that would be VGH, NTU Hospital, etc. that are government run).

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I would go to NTU and refuse to budge until they gave me what I want.

You basically have to go to a shrink. A GP isn’t able to give diagnosis on this.

And you have to read the shrink’s bio to make sure he deals with autism. There are not many doctors that do this. Furthermore most shrinks here don’t have the time to give you attention because they have to see 200 patients a day.

You could probably get it in the states easier, if you have $$$ to pay.

You’ve tried this and it hasn’t given you the answer you need?

Do you know the criteria of medium severity?

I did. I went to the Taipei Yangming Hospital (also a govt hospital, in fact they do the military health check there) and wasted 300nt on a consultation where the guy essentially said “the fact that you want diagnosis for autism means you are not autistic”.

I don’t know what the criteria is. This is based on what the social worker told me when asking about govt assistance. I’m sure there’s a criteria somewhere I just don’t know about Taiwan laws and procedure to know what it is.

Then there’s the issue with houkou.

Go again, and again, until the guy wants to get rid of you and gives you what you want.

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And waste 300 each time? There are much more therapeutic things I can spend 300 on.

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That would be your choice, of course, but your complaints about not getting the Asperger’s/Autism diagnosis you want would carry less weight.