Should Taiwan ban Chinese language to fight Chinese imperialism like Ukraine did with Russian culture?

It is only logical.

Ukrainian language must be spoken in official settings in Ukraine according to a new law that some fear will antagonise the country’s significant minority of Russian speakers.

The law stipulates that people acting in most official capacities speak in Ukrainian, including employees the state and communications sectors, medical and educational institutions and public transport.

The law also set quotas that 90 per cent of new films and television and 50 per cent of books must be in Ukrainian.

Supporters have framed the law as another step to assert Ukraine’s independence from Russia, which ruled it for centuries before 1991.

Mr Poroshenko called the law an “another important step on the path to our mental independence,” saying that “Ukrainian language is a symbol of our people, our state and our nation”.

That’s not gonna fly. Unless you make the official languages aboriginal ones.

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The locals would probably learn English a lot faster as American wealth worshipers.

Can you imagine the breakfast sales Ayi or the doorman Shushu learning a new language?

They probably already speak two or three. My wife, with a high-school education, speaks four (and a half).

Which ones, if I may ask?

That wouldn’t even work…

If you notice people here speak Chinese, they follow confucism, and they write in Chinese.

What else would you have them speak? Japanese?

It’s kinda like South Korea should ban Korean to prevent the spread of North Korean imperialism…

Taiwan’s government is the Republic of China government, and in its constitution is a One China policy. Chinese (Mandarin) is the language of China. Taiwan would either have to change its constitution or declare independence before banning Chinese language.

Just make more than one official language.

That’s not really important, we are already way into the fantasy zone now. ROC is clearly a dead country and Beijing doesn’t care about rules, just it’s own stability and wealth.

If Taiwan doesn’t formally claim independence , China won’t view something like changing the official language as a provocation to war. The might complain a bit, buy won’t act militarily

In Ukraine probably 80% speak Russian and they are still changing it to Ukrainian so it can be done.

what are the differences between official languages and national languages?

Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japasnese, Amis, and the half is English :grinning:. It’s dying- most kids of Amis or other aboriginal tribes don’t speak their native tongues, few people speak Japanese ( my wife learned it as a child selling vegetables to old people who didn’t speak Mandarin or even Taiwanese), even Taiwanese is going- my sons speak Mandarin and English; never bothered with Taiwanese. Most kids that tell you they speak Taiwanese can manage a few words.


It would have to be Japanese or English for economic competitiveness reasons.

Or just stick with Mandarin, as Taiwanese economic competitiveness and China seem synonymous. :idunno:


I don’t know actually I just heard there have been attempts to make English the second official language. I guess meaning the second one used by government departments , road signs etc etc

it does not sound like something Ukraina did

It wouldnt, amd shouldnt, ever work. One of the main difining points between Taiwan and China is freedom and human rights. This wouldnt be in line with what taiwan is attempting to create for itself and show on the world stage.

If anything, ban chinese shit and declare independence from the mainland. Many reasons not to, but until we do it will be hard to taken serious. Taiwan will need to take that risk eventually. The piece of trash that trump is might be the best time as the usa is going to change to a pro china gov next year. But taiwan has been betrayed by the usa, amd many others before. So the risk is real :frowning: