Should Taiwan bring back standing to ROC anthem in theater?

Should Taiwan bring back the tradition of standing to ROC anthem in movie theater?

  • Yes, I would stand up and sing along while San Min Zhu Yi is playing
  • Yes, I would stand up and shed a few tears while the anthem is playing
  • No, I wouldn’t want to be the only person standing in the room
  • Yes, it is my duty as an ROC citizen to respect my national anthem
  • No, I would not do something that was conceived during the martial law era.

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I posted a similar thread in Culture and history, but thought I might add a poll here to make it interesting. What do you think about going back to the old days when people stood up in the movie theater while San Min Zhu Yi was blasting on the sound system?

Given the boisterous, mudslinging, kindergarten antics that has ridden Taiwan politics these days, do you think Taiwan should bring back this practice of standing to the national anthem inside cinemas? It would bring morality back to ROC citizens by showing them the patriotism and decency that once existed during the martial law era.

patriotism? decency? what are you talking about?

if people where patriotic then they would be now. You can see this everywhere, so why not in Taiwan?
Maybe people only associate having to sing with the dictatorship, so nobody wants to sing it anymore…
Too much patriotism in a dictatorship leads to disbelief on the nation, believe me. Anyway, I know that in Portugal everyone had to sing the hymn almost once a day, and nowadays, if you go see something where the national anthem is played, if there are portuguese they will sing out loud. And why is that? Maybe because we never associated the hymn to the government - while the one in Taiwan is clearly a KMT government one. So maybe the lack of support of the hymn also means a lack of support for the KMT.

If the ROC anthem is illegitimate because it is a KMT one, then why did Ah-Mei sing it so proudly at Chen Shui-bian’s inauguration in 2000?

Not to mention that the words of San Min zu yi were spoken by Sun Yat-sen, whom Annette Lu admire greatly. And San min zu yi translates as “democracy, nationalism, and people’s livelihood.” So it is no wonder that Annette Lu admire Dr. Sun, and San min zu yi anthem still retain legitimacy in Taiwan.

Otherwise Ah-Mei would not sing it so beautifully in 2000.

But didn’t VP Lu tell Ah-Mei people to move to South America as well…

Did I say it was illegitimate?
Anyway, how can someone put up “democracy” in an anthem and then runs an one-party authoritarian regime?? People don’t sing the national anthem because they don’t believe on it - blame whoever you want for that…

Do they still yearn for the Japanese anthem these days…

Honestly the flag and the anthem are the symbol of ROC. Be loud and proud about it. Just because some TI idiot is in the executive office for 8 years, doesn’t mean the rest of Taiwan should behave as idiots.

… I think playing the anthem at the cinema is silly. Because what is so patriotic about watching movie. Has no cultural significance.

Playing the national anthem everytime you enter a 7-11 would be more appropriate, because it has meaning.

I don’t think they yearn for the Japanese one neither… they just don’t identify themselves with the one they have. Face it, most of their national simbols are from the KMT, they are not from Taiwan.

:bravo: I like it. You could get the pimply kid behind the counter to shout “reclaim the mainland!” or “Don’t forget the glory of Ju!” instead of that huanying crap you get right now.

If I wanted to stand for an anthem in a cinema, I could fly out to Thailand. I’m glad that silliness is no more in Taiwan. It’s a cinema, not a baseball game!

well, even a baseball game…
it’s nice when it is the national team playing, more than that it is rubbish

Before we start discussing such patriotic topics as “singing the national anthem,” perhaps we should have a discussion on the following topic(s) –

When the ROC was founded in 1912, Taiwan was an overseas colony of Japan. According to Article 4 of the ROC Constitution, any changes in national territorial boundaries have to be approved via a resolution of the National Assembly. Could anyone please provide the date of the National Assembly resolution whereby Taiwan was incorporated into the territory of the ROC??

I can’t seem to find any record of it.

Is it also perhaps true that native Taiwanese persons are not properly classified as ROC citizens? See

[quote=“Hartzell”]Before we start discussing such patriotic topics as “singing the national anthem,” perhaps we should have a discussion on the following topic(s) – [/quote]No we shouldn’t, it’s off-topic and an attempted thread-jacking.

well if PRC ever invades Taiwan, and makes people stand to March of the Volunteers anthem, which in my opinion sounds xenophobic and has a nationalistic anti-Japanese tone, people would rather stand to San Min Zu Yi.

At least San Min Zu Yi has the principle of democracy in it, one of Sun’s three goals. And which party actually carried out Sun’s democratic ideal? The KMT of course. Given that Taiwan today is a democracy, and Sun favored democracy, and KMT carried out Sun’s ideal under Chiang Ching-kuo and Lee Teng-hui, it is naturally fitting that San Min Zu Yi would trump March of the Volunteers anytime in the eyes of Taiwanese.

Trick question: Depends on which Soong sister you ask.

I’ll go with any party that doesn’t consider Sun to the be a “foriegner”