Should Taiwan buy BioNTech/Pfizer COVID vaccines from Fosun?

  • Yes
  • No

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Maybe you could add an option along the lines of “Maybe, it depends on the specifics”? I think you’re going to get a lot of predictable “no” votes here.

The video in the article of the soldiers going around Ximen MRT station doing their theatrical performance in full protective gear while passengers walk by is pretty amusing. :laughing:


Ridiculous. Stupid and pointless. They’d be better employed slapping 15k fines on entitled old fuckers who don’t wear masks.


Nothing from china. The world should donate real vaccines to taiwan, free of charge, for warning them to watch out while the WHO muzzled everyone. Then showing them how to handle it.

Why does Taiwan feel like the daughter in law that cleans the house and takes care of the grandparents but is constantly spit on by the entire community.


Fuck China and you know what? Fuck Germany too. Taiwan should put German companies at the bottom of the list for chips, and upstream services. They should just come out and say ooops we signed a contract all car chips go to US for 1 year, can’t do anything you know it’s illegal to break a contract.


We gain nothing by stooping to China’s level.


The topic came up before. Taiwan’s government asked Germany for vaccines in exchange of chips. They said no and Taiwan did nothing.


What do you expect? China-style economic retaliation?

Short term gain for long term pain?

Yes. It is hard to get kicked around but you attract more bees with honey than vinegar. We can’t point to Taiwan and say look at Taiwan’s model behaviour if we are petty.

Let’s not make enemies when we can’t afford enemies.


There is a difference between protecting your rights and being an asshole. Taiwan doesn’t even have to go through with it just show some teeth by discussing it in the legislative. The long-term is actually what I am concerned with because I’m sure Taiwan can get vaccines one way or another. We need people to get onboard with not signing deals that give China rights over the Taiwanese market.

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Here’s what I don’t understand. Fousun paid up to $85 million in licensing fees and invested $50 million in BnT. Peanuts.

23 million x $47 (the price Israel paid BnT for each 2 dose course of vaccine) = over $1 billion in revenue.

Taiwan’s a rich country. A billion bucks is nothing to pay to ensure that an economy growing at over 5% continues to be able to operate.

Offer BnT $1 billion for 46 million doses. Hell make it $1.5 billion. Let BnT negotiate with Fosun on the backend to deal with its stupidity for giving the Taiwan rights to a Chinese company.


No. Any deal with the Chinese is going to have strings attached and request giving up sovereignty while literally putting money in the pockets of the enemy.


And we cannot guarantee the quality of whatever is received from them.

Remember: if someone who doesn’t like you offers you a cookie, it means it is a bad cookie.


No need to buy. The Taiwan made vaccine will be ready soon …


I think you may be mistaking Taiwan for all the hard-working folks from Southeast Asia that are actually, you know, doing this work.



Yes! And it will be the safest and most effective vaccine the world has ever seen, and every dose will come with a free baby unicorn!


The baby unicorn is a nice touch.


Taiwan should use chips as bargain. You want chips? Send us vaccines.


Do you really think BnT would sell Taiwan bad vaccine, totally tarnishing its reputation and jeopardizing billions of dollars of future business around the world?

This is internet conspiracy theory thinking level 10.

This thinking is one of the reasons Taiwan is in the mess it’s in. Banking on a vaccine that hasn’t even gone through a Phase III trial is insane.


I am aware of that. The good people of Taiwan and their government maybe not.

Well I hope it works out but I think it’s risky to mass vaccinate people with a vaccine that hasn’t been proven efficacious IRL.

Just look at the Seychelles, which has a high vaccination rate but used one of the Chinese vaccines.

This sort of thing can also contribute to vaccine hesitancy in the future.