Should Taiwan offer a financial alternative to renunciation?

Maybe they’re complaining about it on whatever the Bulgarian equivalent of Forumosa is. Given that we’re in Taiwan, though…


The EU citizens living there don’t give a toss about us UK, or Australian plebs

Okay…? I don’t know. I’m not Bulgarian or looking to become Bulgarian. I’ve never even been to Bulgaria.

Happy to let the British, Australian, and EU people living in Bulgaria and wanting to get Bulgarian citizenship figure that one out amongst themselves.


In the sense of better. Wrong. 100%.

I agree Canada cares little, and probably will just be selfish. But I hope for a WW2 Canada over whatever the hell Canadians are now when it comes to China’s expansion, oppression and genocides.

I’m a Taiwanese pleb nowadays.

Easy, retain their reciprocal approach (taiwans brand) rather than the double standard approach (reality). In most circumstances, this would make sense. Except China, which ironically are here in droves gobbling up citizenship and land whilst brainwashing the kiddos lol :roll_eyes: meanwhile hard working engineers and people developing this country get the cold shoulder. Even those born here or have families. Cringey as fuck. At best

Once the governemnt isn’t maintaining this hypocrisy, it will be easier to swallow. I hope those of us that are already pushing keep pushing, and many more will join the fight. In their own ways.

No problem with Taiwan not allowing dual citizenship with, say, Germany, because they are even worse than Taiwan in this regard. But with countries that allow their citizens to hold another passport, we should be handling this better here domestically. Especially when said countries allow taiwanese citizens to become their citizen and Taiwan says no way to that country’s citizen. Its a Fuck you move, and one that is pretty hard to deny.

Mot anymore with Germany which allows dual citizenship from this year.

Taiwan is more like Austria where children of permanent residents don’t get citizenship when born in Austria.

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People pushed, governments evolved. I didn’t know this, but plus 1 for Germany! Now let’s keep pushing and make hypocritical countries grow some nads and treat people fairly.

If anything, that just gives motivation for people in Taiwan to push harder :slight_smile:


Hope there will be a further amendment. Looking at the development of the last years, it definitely moves into the right direction.

My hope is that people that have an APRC and pay more than median taxes, and who stayed in Taiwan for 5+ years in total, speak one of the languages to a high level and maybe contribute an affordable sum of 500,000 to have the option to keep their other citizenship.

You’re a business owner who is constantly boasting on this site about parking your money here and there, in and out of Taiwan.

Sorry, you’re not a “pleb” at all. Unless your posts are all lies. :upside_down_face:



I identify as a pleb. A mere pauper living in the wilderness.

Lots of people on this forum park funds in and out of Taiwan it’s very normal. I am a own a wee business with a meagre income.

Of course your interpretation of meagre income might be different to mine

How many Taiwanese citizens do you know that give a rats arse if foreigners have to renounce to get citizenship here? I don’t know any who care about it. If anything the language test is a joke. Had a friend who can’t read Chinese and can’t have a conversation in Chinese finish the test in 10 minutes. When the testing staff were asked him questions his reply was Ting Bu Dong

My conversation with my Taiwanese friends generally goes like this:

TW friend: “Why don’t you apply for citizenship?”
Me: “I can’t, I would have to renounce”
TW friend: disbelief, saying I’m wrong, until I send them some quote from the law
TW friend: “Oh they should change that, it’s not fair”

I haven’t met a single Taiwanese that says the law is fair once they know the policy, though my group of friends are well travelled with an open mind and don’t have island mentality

I wouldn’t expect them to campaign for this change though. Politics is not for everyone.


This is exactly why the law won’t change, at least not any time soon. Taiwan doesn’t have a large enough immigrant population and it’s not like everyone is directly related to an immigrant like in other countries.

If they were I’m sure the law would change tomorrow.

What’s weird is all these bandaid fixes like foreign professionals, uni graduates getting reduced residency as well as the high level people being exempt from renunciation.
None of that was really necessary and it benefits so few people (particularly the renunciation exemption) that in my opinion it was a huge waste of time. The legislators could have spent their time doing something more valuable.

No one ever thought the residency requirements were overbearing (except maybe @Satellite_TV ’s 7 year residency in the 90s and everyone else who naturalised at that time)


I don’t know. I don’t really understand why you’re asking me that tbh, or how it follows on from my post.

I don’t know any Taiwanese citizens that I know give a rat’s arse if foreigners have to renounce to get citizenship here, and I don’t know any Taiwanese citizens that I know don’t give a rat’s arse if foreigners have to renounce to get citizenship here.

I don’t think I’ve ever talked with Taiwanese citizens about the naturalization process or the renunciation requirement, or that it’s ever come up spontaneously in conversation.

I think the only time naturalization has been mentioned in a real-life conversation for me was when an old friend told me she’d naturalized and I said “oh cool” or something, and that was pretty much the entire conversation.

It’s not a topic I find very interesting or want to discuss endlessly day in and day out. I sometimes read and very occasionally comment on the threads on here out of general interest or procrastination or wanting to stay informed, but that’s about it. :man_shrugging:


Its really a reply for everyone actually to your post. Not so much to you as you already stated you are not interested at this time for naturalization.

Well if foreigners who are resident here who want to naturalize maybe they can bring the subject up with people here and maybe even contact the new Vice President as she certainly understands the naturalization issue as like me she had to renounce first, be stateless for sometime, then be granted naturalization, then get a TARC and finally HHR and ID card. .

She might be the best hope for having the renunciation requirement removed.
However I do get a chuckle from those who always talk about “back home” this or that… They live here due and some have a partner or partner & children here but their partner does not want to live elsewhere. They never call Taiwan home. They are living in an exile of their own choosing. What did they know their life would turn out this way.

I am happy that when I met my current wife first thing she said to me was she had just returned from studying overseas with her education degree with a major on TESEL and linguistics and wanted to live in Taiwan and not in a foreign countries, and I don’t date foreigners. I met her at someone’s birthday party. Turns out I had known her cousin already for 2 decades lol

I replied great I plan on living here till I die and I aint no foreigner. She replied righty ho lets get it on then.

I see it all so clear for those who won’t renounce but wish for dual citizenship without renunciation. Save it for a rainy day. Taiwan’s renunciation is like an ice cold knife ready to pierce your mind. You gotta be thinking clearly if you, like me, cannot resume after renouncing.

Now I know what I chose to do is not what others are willing to do. I remember those long nights thinking is this what I really want? Who was there to give me tenderness for my silent tears? I was single and all alone. First and foremost I got citizenship for my own reasons, just like Paogao.

For me getting citizenship was like coming home. Hard to explain to the uninitiated who won’t take that leap of faith for Taiwan. For those who have sentiments about a piece of paper with citizenship on it… In the end we all get cured of our sentiments. Those whom life doesn’t cure, death will.

Maybe someone like @Marco @Mataiou can take it up with


50% of Australians have one parent born overseas from over 193 nations. Very different to Taiwan.

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The truth is that answer lies within your soul.

Beats waiting for a miracle

Yeah well I didn’t think it was fair either but it is what it is. I decided citizenship was my end goal and everything else took second place to that.

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Well Hollands was 15 years… nothing like a 7 year itch lol