Should Taiwan take China's Entertainment 'Sissies'? - Split from FPP

Put out by the Taiwan government in response to the current CCP campaign to get rid of sissy boys in the entertainment industry.


I think we should take all of China’s ‘sissies’ off their hands and make them into heartthrobs to make Taiwan the dominant pop culture king in Asia and turn it into the second biggest cash cow in Asia…after you of course. No bigger Cash Cow than the Doctor with all his wares at Hilife.


I’m kind of conflicted on this one. I think if the entirety of East Asia’s “entertainment industry” disappeared suddenly, it wouldn’t be much of a loss.


Even crazy Japan? I mean, Anime and video games are worth insane amounts by themselves. Let’s throw some Taiwan into the mix. Taiwanime?

Let’s get some money into Taiwan and increase its soft power.

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I was thinking more in terms of popular music, entertainment shows on TV and the like. I have no opinion on anime or video games. I’m an adult, after all. :wink:

Money’s money. It’s blue either way.

You’re right, of course. Just don’t make me watch it.

Guys, while in enjoying the discussion, this is a pictures thread. Share some pictures, please :pleading_face:

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That’s why we live in Taiwan Number One Country with its democracy. It’s not constant War With Japan movies 24/7 here cause we celebrate creativity.

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Agree to disagree. :grin:

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Ok ok you win.

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Getting rid of sissy boys and extended gaming sessions. They need to limit cellphone usage too. A very interesting social experiment

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I’m just hoping it’s not the beginning of Cultural Revolution 2.0. It kind of seems that way. For those who read Chinese, here’s a very interesting editorial that lays out the argument for the current purge. Pretty scary stuff.


From the party mouthpiece People’s Daily?
You bet the revolution has already started, it’s been happening when those “anti-corruption” campaigns began.

If 娘炮 is what girls want then maybe you should act effeminate to attract girls?

No we shouldnt take them. Not based on the ccp doesnr want them idea anyway. If they have skills and are useful, get a visa like everyone else. Luckily, taiwan has legalized gay marriage. I assume one can get a jfrv if marrying the same gender?

They arent quite at refugee status yet haha. Let some others in first that may need it.

I remember 10 years ago it was popular for men to carry purses in China… i guess now that isnt going to be allowed?

Ya, what you said might of been funny 10 years ago. Sadly, now LV, COACH, GUCCI etc are probably all hiring new marketing, branding.and design consultants to actually plan for that possibility…

Yet people still invest in china, buy made in china…if people dont get it by now, they are probably just that kind of person :frowning:

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No. Taiwan can manufacture its own sissies!

Combine this with the lack of women, and what could go wrong?