Should there be a newbie self-introduction thread?

I am here for several months. I have read at least three posts from newbies that introduced themselves so far.

I wonder if people here have tradition to introduce themselves when they join in a online community.
Is it needed to create a newbie self-introduction thread to give them a place to practice posting. :slight_smile:

Hello, my name is The Chief. I’m into wrasslin’ Mexican style, hard drinkin’, cheap whiskey and soft rock.

Oh, wait a minute…you haveto introduce yourself!!!

My name’s IrishStu. I’m into cocktails with paper umbrellas, macrame and collecting ceramic thimbles. I mince when I walk and people tell me I have an infectious giggle.

Hello. I’m, erm… Sandman. Yeah, that’s right, Sandman.
I like doing smelly farts while I walk down the road in my skirt, cos the smell can get spread around quicker that way.
Erm… and I like, erm, well, just being stinky really.

Oh, I’m also Stray Dog, and I like being stinky when I’m him too.

The thread should be all about how the newbie can handle him/her self and than we can vote them in or out … :slight_smile:

Kind of like “Lord of the Flies”

You know kate.lin I got to apologize for starting the snowball here and sabotaged your thread. One stupid comment and Kelly’s Heroes’s_Heroes comes around and blows up the bridge. A sticky post would be better for introductions.

Hello newbies, allow me to introduce myself.

I am interested in frogs and spiders. I like punk music, the Eels, and baroque opera.

I do not collect ceramic thimbles or fart in a skirt.

Sometimes I even use capital letters correctly.

All of the above are true.

Why am I saying this to Kate? We have already met.

Hello! I am Cat!
I like to the chase after mice and bully poor cockroaches.
I like to polish my nail with fine and expensive furniture.
I like to eat fish and cat peppermint.
I don’t like Big people grab my paws and I don’t like Big people apporach me when I want to be alone.
I purr when I am happy.
Oh…and I don’t like dogs.

Hello, I am Kate.

I am not qualified as a newbie, but I like to introduce myself.

I love furry and feathery animals. I especially love cats and dogs and polar bears. (Recently I really a fan of Knut)

I am a movie maniac and I love Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet.
(That’s why I am Kate)

I CAN’T swim but I am trying to overcome my water-phobia and struggle to learn it.

I am a slow kid. I think slowly, talk slowly, walk slowly, hike slowly and I love being slow.

I realized I am not good at introduce myself. I often get struck out in job interviews. I decided to be the one who interview others long time ago.
YES, I am the one who interviews you, hires you and fires you. Beware!

Why do I say this to urodacus? Because we met and his kindly exchanged his shoes with my lousy ones. Thanks urodacus! But you copied my writing style.