Should you ride YouBikes on the road or sidewalk?

This has been tearing me up for months so much that i’m afraid to use ubikes in case I get a fine from the police for doing the wrong thing.

I haven’t been able to find a clear answer whether ubikes must be rode on the sidewalk (pavement) or road.

When riding the bike lanes on the road and on the footpath seem to randomly just stop and i’m never sure where to ride.

Another question for when you’re on the road, which lane must you ride in? I see many road bike users who are going straight always keep to the very right. Even if they are in a lane for turning right, they will stick in that lane and continue straight.

I think the main reason biking on the sidewalk is illegal is because some people don’t seem to care about pedestrian safety. They ride at high speeds on sidewalks. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were cases where people got injured because of reckless bicyclists. I believe road laws apply to any moving vehicle whether powered by an engine or by a human. So if you’re going to bike in the sidewalk, pedestrians have the right of way. Don’t be that jerk that rings his bell and yells out “ON YOUR LEFT!”, “COMING THROUGH!”, “GET OUT OF MY WAY!” or any other variant.

If you’re going to ride on the road, use common sense, unless you don’t mind being roadkill.


In terms of the law, you can bike on the sidewalk if it has one of these signs:

What I’ve found in practice though is that just because there is one of these signs doesn’t mean a sidewalk is necessarily wide enough to comfortably cycle on and not get stuck behind pedestrians (also pedestrians on the sidewalk are usually pretty unpredictable so you can’t really go that fast on the sidewalk).

For cycling on the road, I think the law says you are supposed to stay on the right. I usually stick to the right, but it can get a little tricky when it’s a right turn only lane.


Additionally pedestrians always have right of way, even on riverside paths.


But practically, almost nobody follows this law… :confused:

Ride where you feel safe.

I ride everywhere i want , but try to use marked bike lanes when possible because bikes have the right to be on the sidewalk when marked. Ring the bell people love it

Oh and a crosswalk without a bike lane marked is a crosswalk where the law is to walk your bike… funny law . I have never seen a person do this .
Avoid riding inside actual unmarked crosswalks just lean towards the street then your fine.
There maybe a law for helmets , but nobody cares

So dont worry about a law, you wont be ticketed

Watch out for car doors if you choose the street i got introduced to one and a broken bone and torn ligament ,the older lady said she was sorry and gave me 1000nt .Should have called police and got more money but it was minor to me and i was late to meet a friend
Be safe !

And don’t they know it!

And pulling scooters backwards out into the road!

Yes the scooters… haha

Have to as unfortunately a great many cyclists don’t seem to.

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For a broken bone?

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Chipped ,cracked or broke, not 100 never went to a doctor
Second bone in my middle finger.
Healed in a 3-4 weeks, but the tendon was a bitch took almost a year to heal

At the time i was shocked someone gave me money then after talking to taiwanese they said it was way too little .

After she hit me i could still move my hand , but shortly after it swelled and throbbed.
Got a bag of ice and kept on riding

This was your mistake. When injured, just stop using the injured part. You will make the injury worse. But I’m sure you know that now.

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I HATE that, what do you do? I stay right if nothing is going right, but if it’s heavy traffic I try to merge left, and if that doesn’t work I get on the sidewalk and cross with pedestrians.

The problem is sometimes you are allowed on sidewalks and sometimes you are supposed to ride on the road. There are markings but usually disappear since they keep patching the roads. I got into a huge argument once near my place, where the road was marked with a bicycle lane and an idiot almost ran me and my wife over with his ubike. When I pointed out that he should be riding on the road next to the sidewalk he got off his bike and started yelling at me in English (even though I spoke Chinese the entire time) and told me he can ride wherever he wants and I should move out of his way.

I invited him to come closer and to tell me that to my face but he rode away.

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Did he have any accent?

x 3000 NT$ /day = 1095000 NT$

Big mistake, she could’ve gone to the police and report you for ‘hit&run’!

I was just here for 2 months , yes i was stupid Tough guy attitude
Lesson learned next time lay on the ground crying and ask for help…

Yeah he sounded TaiKe for sure, probably this one actually went to some school.