Shoulder injury - Sport doctor/clinic

i have been training for years now and injured my shoulder last year during the dragon boat competition.
It was pretty light at that time so i kept on pushing at the gym.
i reach a point when it became very uncomfortable even when i sleep.
i absolutely cannot lift my arm.
the pain appear and disappear depending on the rotation of my shoulder. It cant be located precisely that’s why iam pretty sure to know what is causing it.
I had stopped working out my upper body which means my routine is becoming very very boring ( leg days - cardio - leg day - cardio - yoga - leg day etc… :cry: )
The problem is the : supraspinatus muscle or ligament, however, doctors keep giving me pills when i need injection or something more radical.
Any doctor or place i should go to?

You could try David Han up in Shilin, at least for diagnosis and advice.

He works with a lot of the pro basketball players in Taiwan and is a sports injury expert. Sounds like you have a torn rotator cuff in which case you need surgery.

If he sends you to one of his physios be aware that they might only be student physios. I have a better physio I can recco.

Your rotator cuff consists of 4 ligaments, and if one goes then the shoulder can’t work properly.

You need to get a MRI scan.

oh man - noted.
do you have any idea on the cost of a MRI scan?

I have no idea…

I know it is expensive but Taiwan is on the cheaper side

Doesn’t look bad at all actually

that’s great- will ask the wifey to have a look into it.
cheers bro