SHOUTCAST.COM is it great or what?

This has been mentioned in different discussions, but I thought it deserves a own thread.

Not long ago I got myself a XBox with the XBMC installed. While checking all the option, I noticed an entry called SHOUTCAST. Curious as I am I clicked on it, and found a selection of 500 different Internet radio stations from all over the world. I thought great, so I chose one called “The Hitz Channel” and from there it was getting even better. Finally some Pop, Rock and Rap, and not this lullaby crap they play 24/7 on ICRT. And it was getting even better, after listening for an hour or so, I was wondering why I have not heard anybody talking. YEAH, that’s right, no comercials, advertisements, traffic reports from Milwaukee, or other nonsense talk. Just plain musical entertainment, 24/7.

Anyhow, you don’t need an XBox, it should also work with any popular Media Player. I think it is run by the WinAmp guys.

Radio is dead, long live SHOUTCAST !!!