Show us your bike(s) [as in bicycles]

Ok then, the other most used baby, almost 20 years old, bought in a time when cycling in Taiwan was not that common.
Just replaced all rolling gear, like new again.
Still going strong, as fast as a road bike.

What wheel are those? They look awesome!

One of the more controversial wheels in bike history: Spinergy Rev X.
In spite of bad stories of crushing on the fly, mine are 26" 2nd generation with upgraded axle/bearing design, and still go strong.
Simply don’t want to hang them on the wall yet.

Ahhh yes, I’ve heard the stories of them almost chopping limbs off and exploding under power like everyone else, but damn they look great.

Thanks @ericinformosa for bumping it! Those are sweet rides guys!

It was NBD for me 3 days ago and I also forgot to share.

Mine was also born in Miaoli/Taichung area. Roxycle does some work for Specialized and also sponsors Taiwan’s No.1 women rider, Ting Ying Huang, with her track bike.

This is the first bike where I got to play around with the parts I wanted so it took me around half a year to buy everything. Everything you see is second hand except for the frame/fork/seat post/saddle/handlebars. I think with the Taiwan market prices on these components, this bike would’ve easily cost me 140,000NT. Proud of myself for being able to put it together for well under 100K.

/subtle brag

Very nice @ranlee, I’ve never heard of the brand but I haven’t had much experience with the local stuff just yet!

To be honest, components and full bikes are quite expensive in Taiwan, even compared to Australia - it always do well to look overseas to see if you can bring something in for cheaper. I’ve had a few upgrades to all 3 bikes in one way or the other via second hand. I feel the second hand market is more accessible in Australia as well via Facebook and whatnot, not sure if the same groups exist for Taipei?

Nice ride indeed, well put together … like that.
Now go out and buy some decent bottles :slight_smile:

Worst so far … to buy replacement triple chain-rings for the front, all the way in Germany, arriving with a big sign MADE IN TAIWAN on it …

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I can’t really comment on what overseas prices are, but I was always lead to believe TW prices are cheaper because the base discount is 10% off. Depending on the shop, you either get discounts for future purchases or whatever you save with that 10% goes towards purchases on accessories.

One thing that surprised me the most was Shimano/Look cleats. I visited a friend who worked at a LBS back home in New Jersey and a set of cleats were 30-40USD. I can buy 2 sets for that price here in Taipei (from an authorized Shimano or Look dealer too!)

Yah, the one I have on there matched the old bike. Need to buy new ones to match the new bike. Ugh, I thought my spending had ended.

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Just found a couple of pic’s of a brace of Ridleys in my stable.

I saw a bike that looked a lot like yours this morning on the river path. Did that happen to be you?

I’m in Tainan. Didn’t ride a Ridley this morning.

If it was a 6’4" balding, ageing Brit, coulda been my doppelganger, I suppose. :wink:

Sorry, that was directed at ericinformosa. I guess i need to figure out the proper method of quoting replies here. But nice looking bikes all the same!

Those are some ridiculously huge head tubes @ColT

Were both of them bought in Taiwan?

Not me, raining cats and dogs here this morning, enough reason to stay away from a bike.

Surprisingly, yes. Didn’t find them in shops, directly, mind. Sourced through a couple of different local contacts after a bit of digging around. Got the wheels ‘at the factory gate’ through a Brit contact in Taizhong. One groupset from an American guy on here, the other second hand from a teammate.

All my other bikes/wheels/frames were bought in the UK.

Can see you are a tall guy … beautiful bikes!

It’s Thursday, this one isn’t mine, but my friend let me borrow this a few months ago while my bike was being maintenanced.

The frame set is great bang for your buck and these were the first time I had ever tried aero wheels.

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