Show us your bike(s) [as in bicycles]

Sorry, that was directed at ericinformosa. I guess i need to figure out the proper method of quoting replies here. But nice looking bikes all the same!

Those are some ridiculously huge head tubes @ColT

Were both of them bought in Taiwan?

Not me, raining cats and dogs here this morning, enough reason to stay away from a bike.

Surprisingly, yes. Didn’t find them in shops, directly, mind. Sourced through a couple of different local contacts after a bit of digging around. Got the wheels ‘at the factory gate’ through a Brit contact in Taizhong. One groupset from an American guy on here, the other second hand from a teammate.

All my other bikes/wheels/frames were bought in the UK.

Can see you are a tall guy … beautiful bikes!

It’s Thursday, this one isn’t mine, but my friend let me borrow this a few months ago while my bike was being maintenanced.

The frame set is great bang for your buck and these were the first time I had ever tried aero wheels.

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New wheels on an old steed


Where’s everyone’s bikes at?

Don’t be shy @flatlandr @chilifries @shiadoa

I’m jealous you’re over in Zhong Li because I hear there’s a good beginner trail for mtb somewhere over there.

Not about to hop on a mtb and roll down Yang Ming Shan.

It’s actually just been collecting dust. That’s the same bike I broke my ankle on several years ago. Been a bit gun shy since.


And that ride isn’t very good as a true MTB. It’s setup as a dirtjumper/urban assault rig.

Ehrmagod that just gave me the chills

More bikes, less broken ankles.

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F**k Minimalism

F yeah, ultimate use of n+1 rule.

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Do I see a couple of Brooks saddles there?

I’m a dirty bike looker and your rides are sweet.

Soon la, soon.

The Hercules has a Brooks. The blue Raysport has an Ideale (french). I have a Cambium C13 that I want to try out.

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I have a Paul Smith saddle that was a gift, Brooks-like, not sure if any of you guys would be interested in it?

Image result for paul smith bike saddle blue

Geebus. Could you send me a photo of the underside and how many kidneys you require?

Yah, let me dig it up and I"ll PM you the details.