Show us your bike(s) [as in bicycles]

you could also find a small spring and put it on the outside of the housing on the derailleur end to soften the angle a bit, like a hose guard they use for pneumatic/hydraulic hoses

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Fantastic attention to detail! E.g. the subtle hints of red here and there. Nice.

Now that you mentioned it, I cannot stop looking at the pedals.

Yeah, well, wasn’t going to mention it. But. Probably the pedal spindles could have been red too. But now I’m getting real picky! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But the bike is splendid any way you look at it!

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Well yes. I’m not going out to buy another set of Titanium eggbeater pedals just because these ones have blue accents. Do they even come in red?

Actually, yes they do. Now you’ve got me thinking… maybe there’s a rebuild kit in red?

Would you ever have any concerns about riding an old frame? That one is in excellent condition, but say, if a frame had done 20,000+ miles and 15+ years old?

Um, i have a 15+ year old Giant TCR carbon bike (frame is manufactured maybe 2004?) that has done an estimated 200,000+ kilometers. Yes, that’s about 20,000 km per year (about 400 km per week) for 10 years, plus whatever i have done since then. It’s been crashed from time to time, has had two new bottom brackets, has gone through 2-3 pairs of wheels, at least 10 chains/cassettes, has clear coat coming off in patches, and still rides like a dream.

i also have old steel frames with almost similar history, no problem. i have had to replace forks and alloy handlebars, but the main frameset is fine.

just keep inspecting for damage and corrosion… and have some idea what you’re looking for.

One day I may regret saying this, of course, especially when I brake hard coming downhill and hit a pothole…



Re: steel frames, i’ve heard grease on the saddlepost to be essential to prevent water ingress. My chromoly frame had surface rust on the inside due to my past regressions.

Re: hitting a pothole and crashing out… the brand new S-works do this anyway so…? :joy: (ok, ok, before the recall)

Do you have a Dremel Tool? Maybe sand the blue bits with the Dremel mini sander and refinish with red enamel paint (brushed on). Done similar things on my old motorcycle.

Vintage weight weenie project. 6.6kg


Well, having only 5 cogs on the freewheel is definitely saving you a few grams! And downtube shifters too…

Very nice, tell me some more about Kamenir frames… i know nothing.

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What kind of a masochist do you take me for? That’s a 6 speed block :grimacing:

The decal is камелія, Camellia :point_down:

I actually have no idea about the frame. It was sold to me as a prototype frame by an Italian builder that said it was early Dedacciai tubing. I just made up the waterslide decals in Ukrainian Cyrillic as I have a soft spot for the TAKHION frames that came out of Kharkov.

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More weirdness…

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Cool. I may send you a photograph of a tiny frame decal to make a bigger one for me. PM

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Sure just shoot me a PM. The printer that does it for me does nice work. If you just need a simple vinyl decal made, I might be able to run it on my cutter.

This was the original idea;

The painter destroyed a lot of decals getting it right.

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