Show us your bike(s) [as in bicycles]

I think I saw Alec, of TaipeiBikeWorks, riding one. While looking for more info I’ve found that the other rider that crashed at the same time as Alec was Stijn (stijncycles / ステインサイクルズ on Instagram: "2 weeks ago, our friend @alecgates_ , founder of @taipeibikeworks and Stijn both got caught out in tricky conditions riding their bikes near Taipei. Whilst Stijn "got away" with broken ribs, clavicle, scapula and a damaged lung, Alec sustained even more significant injuries, including a broken femur, broken pelvis, ribs, and a ruptured kidney. These injuries have required him to undergo surgeries and to extensive rehabilitation in the coming months. @cherylgates17 started a donation page: (Link on the story highlight) You can also support these rides: - TSC ride @taipei_slow_cyclists : Saturday 29th April, 7-11 National palace museum 7am - Lutetia-Fatton @lutetiatianmu : Sunday 30th April, TAC-Lutetia 7am ・・・ #451wheel #racebike #roadcycling #minivelo #smallwheels #ディスクロード #ミニベロ #小径車 #ミニベロロード #小径車ロード #ステインサイクルズ #stijncycles #stijncycles_peg #riderowned").

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Number 9 …

When I came to Taiwan in 1998, this was the hot cake, and i almost bought one with the fancy carbon spokes.
Instead, I opted for a Giant 870 MTB in road trim and Spinergy Spox wheels, never regretted.

But this one kept lurking over the years … and now I have one …
Bit clunky, and with its scars, but a pretty original Giant TCR ONCE, with Shimano Ultegra 6500, the nice Mavic CXP30 rims in metallic grey, and some other goodies.

Will need to think a bit what to do, either a full restoration to original, or a resto mod with upgrade to a more modern group set.

Either way, this one is iconic enough to treat it carefully, no respray, just a thorough clean and paint restore.


Pretty classy

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Here’s my version of the old TCR. This one’s a 2003 in carbon. Bare frame and fork with Campy Record and now on its third set of wheels. And third replacement rivet for the rear brake cable stop on the top tube. That’s the only fail point I have found in 20 years.

Still going strong


That, sir, is the shit. :+1:


Still only 7 kg too. Why people ask me to buy a new bike I don’t know.

For some reason can’t take my eyes off the spam onigiri :laughing:.

Okinawa breakfast ‘burger’…

Yeah, very very nice!
My ONCE tips the scale at ~9kg, but I bought it for the nostalgic reasons, not the performance.

I had mine completely apart last week, corrected the damaged paint, repaired a lame bottle cage bolt, re-greased the headset, fitted a 10 speed compact group-set in matching grey, and put her on some Vuelta SL37 rims which I still had laying around.

Rides like a dream …


Looks much nicer with that wheelset. Don’t you find the Detonators a bit harsh?

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These came with the bike, but i use detonators on half of my other bikes.
No issues in my opinion.

I took me awhile, but I found a photo of the alloy TCR that I rode for a couple of years. Very nice riding bike. I swapped in a Simplon fork.



I really like the geometry. I think it has spring and reasonable comfort. Maybe the seat post bends a bit. Well, it’s a Ritchie carbon so not too much. But more compliant than the more recent aero seat posts.

Which are also a pita to find for an older bike, as some one in the other thread is lamenting

I recall you saying something about it rusting out and you replacing it, or even drilling a hole to install another one?

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That’s very light!

it is! 20 gram carbon bottle cages FTW!

it was lighter before the Zipp wheels went on. and the Gatorskin probably make it a bit heavier than the race tubulars i had earlier too, but less flats now.

OK, maybe I’ll go for 7.2 kgs. i hve not weeighed it precisely for a while

You can still save 20gr if you remove them altogether. Or you can make a thong like one with a few strings of Nylon.

better to lose a kilo of belly fat. but how?

Riding more xD

true dat.