Show us your bike(s) [as in bicycles]

Why lose weight when you can spend money on shiny things?


Can we rename this thread to remove the awkward bracket usage and call it “Show us your bike”?

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White derailleur!

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Microshift Centos!

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I use the word “bike” as you might use the word “Borg”. One? A hundred? N+??
Is that your bike? Yes?
Is THAT your bike? Yes?
Yes. They are my bike.


I read Microsoft Centos.


Boo! Hiss!

Years ago I used Fedora Core 6 and then was actively against using that particular platform for about 20 years. Now I’m currently running Fedora 38. It’s 32 times better.

Is this some weird logarithmic logic?

Or another odd notation?

Just an odd name for a groupset.

I thought about renaming it some time ago, but it’s one of the oldest standing threads in the cycling forum. So…I’m keeping it.

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What are your thoughts on those Hasus shoes you bought?

As you know, I bought them for the look.
They are also nice, soft, and comfortable,but need a bit of fiddling with the lace tension before getting it right.
I basically bought them to use with the pedal cages, but so far I am glad they also have the SPD-SL fitting, using that the most.
Overall, nice to gave them as 2nd or 3rd pair, should not want them as my primary shoes though, BOA closures are sooo much easier than those laces …