Show Us Your Kid! (2007)



A buncha real cute kidz folks!

Great looking kid there doc. And a grandaughter the same age to boot. Xmas must be fun at you house! :wink:

It will be when we get back. They’re alittle over a year apart. What’s funny is seeing my oldest son with his baby sister. :laughing:

Trudi’s starting to smile more and more often:

There is nothing like a baby’s smile. She’s looking good!

Yep. Those are absolutely wonderful pictures, Maoman. She looks like one happy kid!

A beautiful lot you’ve got there…Well done.

Thanks MJB,

I took the photos at a temple on the back road to Dashi. We went there for a picnic yesterday. A great spot.

Here’s the reason why amos hasn’t frequented forumosa for about three years!

They’re gorgeous, Amos!

Looks like a good enough reason to me.

Just a shot from this past Chinese New Year.

Here’s Miss Audrey at 2 months.

Eva with little H:

Little H on his belly:

And here he is again:

Great babes!!

These were taken by a friend of mine on one of those recent beautiful days we had:

Baby girl

Toddler boy