Shower Water Filter Wanted

I’m looking for a decently priced, effective water filter for my shower. I’ve always scorned such devices in the past but a recent experience has made me want one. Any suggestions?

What changed my mind was two weeks ago when the gas guy broke our water pipe while delivering the bottle. He called up his mate who came round and fixed it.

Following this quick-repair we noticed a pungent chemical smell coming from the shower water in the first minute or so of hot water. We - my girlfriend and I - assumed it was the glue used to fix the pipes together, and although we were unimpressed, thought we’d give it a few days and see what happened. It has diminished greatly, but there is still a noticeable chemical smell in the first three or four minutes or so.

I’m not sure whether this is the remnants of the bonding paste initially applied or whether it’s the chemicals they dump in the water every summer. Whatever, I just want to get that crap out of my shower water. It smells, and I don’t trust it.

The repair guy even asked us for some extra money for the repair on the basis that he’d undercharged his buddy out of sympathy. And no doubt, also, for that extra bonding paste he slapped on that continues to leak into our daily showering. :fume:

I got mine for 2500nt at an expo, but they told me they also sell the stuff at department stores. It is very easy to install, especially if you’ve got one of those snakey showerheads.

Thanks Icon. That’s not too bad a price. I presume you’re happy with it, or you would have said otherwise. Can you recall the brand?

Nope, but I can check when I get home.

Yep, my skin feels a lot better now. I am also getting the one for the sink, don’t wanna know wht’s coming when I’m brushing my teeth…

This one:

Riowu is the name

[quote=“Icon”]This one:

Riowu is the name[/quote]

Cheers for that, Icon. Much appreciated.

I bought one from B&Q and one from Homebox, both were under $1000 I think. You just unscrew the pipe to the shower head, put the filter on the tap and reattach the pipe. Refills are about $400 each I think. Does it work? Who knows!