ShowTime! - Exotic Dancers (Out of Business)

I was there last night with my wife for a couple hours, thanks to some complimentary tickets from a fellow Forumosan. (Thank you sir!)

It was interesting - ShowTime looks like a strip bar, but the dancers don’t get completely nekkid. Almost, but the bare essentials are left on. There are male and female dancers there, and the women in the audience seemed to enjoy the show even more than the men. The dancers are also predominantly white - all from Eastern Europe, I believe. There were only a handful of local girls, but local or foreign, male or female, they were all quite attractive. They’ll also visit your table sooner or later, and they’re quite friendly. Apparently private dances/lap dances are available in a special area :howyoudoin: , but I didn’t partake, nor did I see the private room. Actually, the place was about as wholesome a strip bar as I’ve ever been in.

The place isn’t cheap - Budweiser costs you $200NT (plus 10% service), and that’s the only beer on offer, although there is a wide selection of liquor and cocktails. Price-wise, I don’t think you can compare it to a pub, as you don’t go there for the libations. It would make more sense to compare it with a hostess bar or even a piano bar, and then it compares very favourably. There’s also food available, although I didn’t have any. My biggest complaint was that the music was too loud, and sort of prevented you from having any conversation.

I brought my wife there also. I told her about it as a joke and she started clapping her hands like a seal begging to go. thanks a lot okami

I would have been up there dancing also but I hurt my ankle.
another plate of nachos though and I woulda been table dancing.

They don’t get naked, and they’re mostly white? What’s the point then. (But that Vicky now …)


Yes, what’s the point. Who would want to go there? What’s the address?

Ah yes, the address. Pardon my forgetfulness. :blush:
Minsheng East Road, Section 1,
#25-1, 2F, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2563-2555

ARGH! Door charge of NT$1000, if I’m not mistaken? Holy JESUS that’s expensive… Looks like I’ll not be darkening their door like ever.

I would think that they would at least include a drink with that. I don’t intend to leave any stains on their premises either.

From Da Rulez:

[quote]Outing - Divulging personal information such as the real-life identity of other posters, including, but not limited to, telephone numbers or sexual orientation, is not permitted. [/quote] Oh Wait, I didn’t use my real name on the picture Maoman posted above, That’s ok then.

Not naked! Expensive. Hah! I told you so!

Minimum NT$1,200 to watch some Russian skanks not getting their kits off? Or NT$600 for a tank of gas to go to the Kaohsiung brewpub for free entry, various microbrews and HOT, HOT exotic dancing babes flashing the pink?
Hmmmm. Let me think about it. :laughing:

I have some free passes, if anyone’s interested. I’ll hand 'em out at the next Happy Hour!

Free? I’ll have dibs on two, then!

Here, here. Me please!

When/where is the next happy hour? and don’t tell me “wetlands” :slight_smile: I would love a pass to see this place. Wondered when this would come above-ground in Taipei.

Next Happy Hour is at 8:30 pm, Thursday, October 14th at Alleycats (#6 Lishui Street).

Hey, maybe we should ask about having a Forumosa Happy Hour at Showtime! :howyoudoin: :hubba:

Damn, just when I moved away from that area. It’s conveniently located among the “massage” parlor, the liquor store, and the chicken joint (unfortunately a KFC and not a Church’s or Lee’s). I never thought I’d live to see the day when I could say, “Ladies and gentlemen, Taipei has been officially ghettofied”. By the way, Maoman, got any extra free passes?

TGIF!!! I expect a thorough report replete with photos posted here real soon now :smiley:

1000nt without free drink is more expensive than the upscale nightclubs on New years… the worst one ive heard about it 1800nt - thats worse than a two day concert… like the Tiger Festival this weekend for 1350nt (two days - with two stages)

Ouch!! :astonished: Them boobies and booties better be bubbleliciously bodacious! :bow:

I much prefer Sandman’s idea.

Road trip anyone?