Hey, is there anyone else that lives in Shulin? I’m up for recommendations for things to do or if there are any events in the area. There looks like there are a lot of nice parks and restaurants. Thanks :slight_smile:


Stay away from the place. There’s nothing to do and nothing to see there.

Maybe you are getting it mixed up with Shilin: that’s the best place to live.

Every time you take a train to Shulin Station, the voice-over announces it in Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hakka; then the English voice comes over and says: “We have arrived at Shihlin Station, the terminal station.”


Aw, but I live here. I used to live in Sanxia so it actually seems like a pretty happening place in comparison.


Go on the slide in 大同山?


Well, the area near Taipei University is both Shulin and Sanxia. Lots of good restaurants in the area!


Everybody gets off there, it has to be good!


The Sanxia / Shulin border area is one of the most ideal areas to live for families. Wonderful open green spaces, parks, wide open level tree lined sidewalks, boutique shops, coffee shops with lovely indoor and patio seating, restaurants, plenty of new modern housing, tons of parking, walking distance for almost everything, 2 great public elementary schools with English programs, and its near mountain areas and the riverside. The downside is no MRT yet. But its currently being built. It honestly does not feel like “Taiwan”. Its really well organized and they take pride in keeping the western feel to the area. No scooters on sidewalks. No stores or scooter shops jutting out blocking sidewalks etc. It really is lovely.

What it is not for is singles looking for night life. No malls, no theaters, no clubs and no pubs / bars.


Not that near.


Sure it is.
Sanxia river is just a few yards from my house. I am looking at it right now from my window.
I can be up in the mountains in just a 10 minute drive by scooter or car.


A few years ago I translated a tourism book on New Taipei City, covering things to do and see in each district of NTC. Shulin was notably absent from the material the book covered.


That is because it is pretty much all residential and a university. Yinge is not too far away. You are a bus ride or decent walk away from Sanxia Old Street, which has some pretty impressive temples. But Shulin itself…residential.


Okay. I’m not too far from the riverside park and it is nice. They also just opened up a new mall. It’s just a bit lonely. But thanks for the replies and advice.


I’ve lived in Sanxia for 22 years and don’t know any part of the University area that looks out over the river, there are a few new buildings next to the river but they are not from the University development. And 10 minutes by scooter is not that close, I walk 2 minutes and am in the mountains. I’ve lived in the mountains, I’ve lived close to the university at the time it was still undeveloped. But yes, it’s probably a little better than Sanxia proper if you like new and some recent new restaurants, it’s still changing.

And they are building the MRT light rail system already, They are almost in Hengxi, near the new bridge, they are digging holes for the pillars.