Shy kitty needs understanding home with cat friends TPE

This is Ozzy. He went through a lot. We found him hiding under the floor of Anne’s ice cream parlour in Bitan. He had impossibly sticky goop from a rat trap all over his lower fur. It was really pathetic. He was terrified and vicious. He bit both of us more than once.

After catching him, we put him in our spare bathroom, where he hid behind the toilet in an inaccessible spot preventing us from doing much more for a couple days. After he fed a few days we gave him a bath, but it didn’t help that much really. Anne took him to a shop that grooms pets. That helped more, but the goop was so close to the skin in most areas we just had to let it stay.

As his fur grew, the goop dried and fell away. He’s just fine now. He still shys away from touch, but he is getting much better. If you scoop him up and scratch his ears, he’s just like any other cat, but if you stop coaxing him, he’ll glide away. He loves other cats, especially our Charly who is the most docile cat I’ve ever known. It only took Charly a day to accept Ozzy.

We thought he was ready for rehoming a couple weeks ago, but it didn’t work out. We think it’d be better if he goes where there is another friendly cat.

We do want to pawn him off, as we have five animals in the apartment now. I think he’s a pretty special cat. He certainly won’t be much trouble. His meow is comically hoarse.

He is about 4 months old now, still somewhat kittenish in appearance.

If you are interested, please PM me or send me an email.