Sick as a dog

Ohhhh my aching head! Sore throat, red eyes, congested sinuses, hacking cough - It’s flu time again folks, and every other person I know is out of commission. Just read Poagao’s Journal and he appears to be in the same boat. As does Acer Ginny. I’m taking it easy today, hot chocolate, DVDs, and a space heater cranked on maximum. Went to the doc yesterday, he saw fit not to give me any antibiotics, which is fine - I trust him - and anyway, Taiwan docs usually over-prescribe antibiotics, but honestly I’m worse today than I was yesterday. Any of you out there have any sure-fire remedies? Merry Christmas… (cough, cough)

Best medicine I can recommend is lots of hot drinks and rest. My husband has been sick for 3 days solid and is only now starting to feel slightly better. I gave him panadol which has kept his fever down and relieved the achiness. You can take two every four hours. It sucks but you just have to wait/sweat it out.

You usually don’t need antibiotics unless you have an infection. Unfortunately once the flu takes hold of your system, all you can do is try to keep yourself as comfortable as possible. The more fluids you drink the faster you will flush it out of your system. As well don’t worry if you have no appetite. Your body will be able to use its energy destroying the flu rather than digesting food.
Hope you feel better soon, Merry Christmas!

Yeah, I feel pretty bad. Here’s a free tip, though: even if you feel better, stay out of the cold weather, at first at least. I was feeling a bit better last night and went out, but that was a mistake; all of my symptoms are back again with a vengeance. Merry Christmas.

Where’s the “sick” emoticon?

that one looks sick…

Poor sickies…Dr. Alien reminds you to ingest plenty of vitamin C, bundle up and wear a scarf when you go out on your scooters, and don’t get too ‘overexited’.

These precautions may help fend off those symptoms trying to wreak havoc on your already weakened immune systems.

You don’t want to go all winter with that hideous phlegm monster inside your chest, do you? Or a raw, red nose and watery piggie eyes?

Take care!

I once read an article that said “overdosing” on vitamin C, while not curing the cold/flu will shorten its duration by up to 3 days. Basically you have to take about 2 or 3 times the recommended daily dosage, with PLENTY of water. The water part is really important or you could really do some serious damage to your kidneys.

Alternatively, you could just have hot water with lemon juice in it about 4 times a day. The old hot toddy really IS about the best thing.

My other half swears by cinnamon for relieving sore throats, but this from someone who also sticks cloves of garlic under his tongue for 2 hours at a time, to stave off a cold. So, I make no guarantees about the cinnamon.

But here is the bad news for you all. Once “caught”, the typical duration of a cold with all its symptoms is 7 days. With the vitamin C trick you migh get it down to 5 days, but the other poster is right: you just have to wait.

For those of you who want to prevent a cold, a trial done in the US has shown that washing your hands with soap and water 5 times a day has been shown to reduce the incidence of colds in some cases by up to 60%. Hands really are dirty little things…! ewwwww.

So, cheer up, enjoy the DVD’s and get well soon Orient-ites!

This is not a cure, but it will DEFINITELY make you feel better.

Roughly chop fresh ginger and smash the pieces with the flat of a heavy knife (wash the ginger but you don’t need to peel it) till you have a heaping double handful. Stick it in a pan with about a pint of water. Add some of that very dark brown sugar for baking, or some rock sugar.

Let it simmer for a while and drink it hot. I like to add some whisky just before serving.

I promise this will hit the spot! It tastes good, too.

Finally decided to go to the hospital. And very glad we did. . .
If you have a fever for more than four days, it’s best to go to the hospital. Went to Mackay Hospital yesterday, only to find out it wasn’t the flu but phnemonia, bronchitis and laryngitous. They were absolutely amazing there. They speak english, and we were able to see a GP, a nose/throat/ear specailist, and a respiratory specialist. As well we had a chest X-Ray and blood tests done. Arrived at 11 and left at 5. They are a very speedy hospital all things considered. As well the medicine was dispensed on site.
The specialist arranged for a follow up visit and was very informative. I’d definately go back there. As well, the whole day only cost $2000 NT (no health insurance). A bargain if you ask me. It’s a clean hospital and right downtown.
Sorry to hear people are sick and having to endure nasty raids on Christmas.
Keep warm and safe, Merry Christmas.