Sick cat and vet says she's fine


My cat has been throwing up the last two days. Took her to a vet this morning who says she is fine but she is still throwing up. She is not keeping any food down. I’ve tried wet and dry food today.

The house was spring cleaned the weekend. There is nothing that she could have nibbled on that is poisonous. They drink bottled water. The food is the same brand that the other cat is also eating and he is fine. They’ve been eating it al their lives. Damn expensive I might add but i love them.

She seems healthy. She doesn’t seem sick and she is not complaining at all. She is running around and playing but she is also throwing up.

Could it be the cold? Could it be that the vet is right and I am being silly? Could she be allergic to her food all of a sudden?

I called the vet tonight when I got home and saw that she is still getting sick and he says she is fine.

I haven’t had cats before so I am not really sure what the deal is, but that just doesn’t sound right. I would get a second opinion. If you are in the south area of Taipei I would try the Kang Fu Animal Hospital. If you are in the north area I would try the Yang Ming Clinic in Tien Mu. And if you find out your cat really is sick, let us know so no one goes to the place again.

Just my two cents.

If I were you I would probably take the cat to another vet for a second opinion.

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I’m in Taichung though.

Yeah, she is not okay. Why can’t vets just listen when you tell them that something is wrong? I may be going into a bit of a rant here but I can handle it when the mechanic doesn’t want to believe that my breaks are shot or when the landlady doesn’t believe me when I tell her the geyser is not working but these are my babies. Yesterday she threw up a few times. They were closed early. It’s the only semi English speaking vet I know. I go this morning and I get told she is fine. I get home and she is obviously not. I have been cleaning up her fine. I call since they may be closed and I didn’t want to take her out in the rain if they weren’t open and I get told she is fine.

I know it is probably silly in their eyes that I am so concerned about my cat but she is my baby. I got her when she was a few weeks old, a stray and I have been through hell to keep her alive. The vet said back then she wasn’t going to make it and I nursed her back to health.

It is times like these that I wish I had just moved to Taipei.

Sorry for the rant.

i’ll third the opinion to get a second opinion …

buddy’s dog was sick, vet said she’s fine, she’s fine, she’s fine … she died.

she had something hard to catch, but a thorough checkup woulda caught it.

i won’t say the place u went is bad, but go to a few to be really sure.

one of our cats pukes when we change his food, or when he gets really greedy and wolfs everything down in five minutes :s but otherwise they’re not bad.


Yeah, tomorrow morning I am taking my dictionary, my limited Chinese and my cat to another vet.

I sat with her when I was feeding them to make sure that she didn’t eat too fast but she nibbled at her regular speed.

Thanks for the opinions. Glad to know I’m not being paranoid.

silencepleasei’mworking, if you do come across what you believe to be a highly recommended or admired vet in Taichung, please let me know. I wish I could recommend one to you, but I am only familar with Taipei. We would like to have a good list for all of Taiwan someday.

Thanks a lot and hope your cat will get well soon!


I’ll let you know if or when I find one that I can trust.

I’m sure she will be okay. She does not have permission to be sick or die :wink:

Thanks again

Any chance that she is working up to chucking an enormous fur ball? I had cats for years and it used to freak me right out when they (especially long hairs) would get them. Kitty ( I know, stupid name) used to get really nasty ones and would puke for days and days. Just a thought…

Is there anything suspicious in the throw up? My cats always chew and eat
plastic bags if I leave one out by mistake and then throw up. If I see plastic bag bits in the barf then can search around for plastic somewhere.

Well, she’s eating, so that’s a good sign.

Good luck. Let us know what the second vet says.

Hey there

Went to another vet early this morning who said she was fine and looked at me as if I was nuts. I took her to yet another one since she was obviously not okay as she had thrown up in her basket on the way to the vet. He had a look at her and the throw up and then massaged her tummy. That got her to throw up even more. Yes, it’s disgusting.

The root of the problem was my blanket. It is one of those fleecy soft blankets and baby had taken to licking it a lot when I am not home. All of those fibres knotted up and that is what she was trying to get out. With the vet’s help she finally got it out of her system to speak. I asked him if this was a normal thing for a cat to do and he said yeah.

So she is eating again and haven’t been sick since. I am making my bed whether they like it or not. They enjoy cuddling up in bed when I am not here.

I’m so relieved that she is okay. Thank you for all your replies and suggestions.

Do your cats have access to catnip or other plants that make them throw up? Tuesday loves her catnip, and she’ll actually beg me to open up the usually closed balcony when I forget to put it out for her. Or she’ll eat up anything else that vaguely looks like catnip (bamboo). And it never fails to work.

The weekend flower market here in Taipei has one stall that sells catnip seed (dirt cheap). If you want me to, PM me, and I’ll get a bag or two for you and send it.


Iris has a good point. Grass is good for this sort of thing. It’s medicine for cats. It’s good if you can grow a little grass for cats. (Um, I do mean plain old grass not the other :s )


You guys have an excellent point. I have a black thumb so there aren’t any plants in the house. I keep forgetting that my kiddies were once wild and free.

[quote=“silencepleasei’mworking”]Hey there

…He had a look at her and the throw up and then massaged her tummy. That got her to throw up even more. Yes, it’s disgusting.

I’m so relieved that she is okay. Thank you for all your replies and suggestions.[/quote]

And the information for this tummy rubbing vet is? Sounds like this one has more experience.

You can pick up wheat grass in Taipei flower market. My kitty liked it so much, I had to hide the plants so they could grow a little before he devoured them. I have since switched him to Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control and not only has his shedding gotten much better, but he rarely gets sick now. Of course, that could be because it’s cold, but I no longer have to change out of my black clothes as soon as I walk in the door to keep them from being covered with white cat fur.