Sick leave because of covid infection/quarantine (Spring 2022)

I think there need to be some information and clarification on sick leave for salaried workers.
Will the labor insurance pay 50% salary when you are sick with covid?

My works great incentive to actually follow the rules if you may have covid.

“People who test positive for COVID-19 may apply for sick leave, personal leave or an unpaid quarantine leave.”

Great! I can do as I should and get tested if I show symptoms/come into contact with someone with covid and end up wasting my personal leave or not getting paid for 2 weeks.

That’s really motivating me to get tested if I start getting a cough or suspect I might have covid.

They can bollocks. I’m not giving up two weeks pay for a flu OR wasting 2 weeks of my already small personal leave. They can fuck right off.


Well so if you test positive, and are not allowed to go on sick leave, it means you’re not sick right. It shows the absurdity of this system - one way or another.

Likely just another way to discriminate foreign (East Asian) workers in Taiwan because they will not dare to do this to Taiwanese

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my company said the same I have to take unpaid leave if I have a contact.

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It’s some bullshittery isn’t it.

As if anybody is going to willingly report that they had a contact or have symptoms if it means missing out on two weeks wages.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that I am never going to voluntarily test myself. Two weeks wages for me is over 30,000 NT. It’s a lot of money gone.


My company said the same. So if i keep coming in contact with a case and keep going into home quarantine , i keep losing ,money? Great rule


I agree in theory, but let’s say someone else gets sick and they do report it to CDC. Then your boss says everyone has to get tested. Then they find out your infection is older than your colleague and that you were symptomatic and made efforts to hide it. Then you’d be pretty screwed, especially if the media got ahold of the story of the “diseased foreigner”… the unscrupulous way Apple Daily operates, they’d make you out to be the new Typhoid Mary.


How are they going to find that you were symptomatic and hiding it though? The symptoms are extremely vague—could be anything from a flu to a cold to even allergies. I bet most people don’t get tested when they develop a cough or an itchy throat.

Especialyl with Omicron where I don’t think loss of taste/smell is a symptom.


You aren’t symptomatic. Just take cold medicine and deny symptoms.

That’s what I’ve done for the last week.



Whoops. Think you meant to say: take the 6 different types of pills your doctor prescribed you to take every few hours.

Exactly, I am sure plenty of people right now are having it and they dont know. Only way u will get caught is u r unlucky to be a close contact.


Rule two: never see a doctor.

Panadol Cold Extra.


Is it normal in Taiwan that you don’t get paid if sick? Only then this can pass some legal reviews imho. Or is Taiwan that much of a banana republic?

During paid sick you are supposed to get half pay.

Up to 30 days of sick leave per year, of which they are entitled to receive at least 50% pay.

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Anyone paid hourly won’t be paid during quarantine. So most Cram school teachers and SEA workers will be SOL for income.

7/11 workers and fast food workers also suffer the same fate. No work no pay.


Only for salary workers.


If you are a teacher maybe you are in the lucky group. I have a teacher friend and she said she wont lose money if she enter quarantine but yheah if u work in any like especially taiwanese company, well u will face another way for them to not pay u money

Seems in line with expectations. I first experienced this when I realized lost productivity from public holidays was made up on make-up Saturdays, which totally misses the whole point of a holiday.


Labor Insurance should mostly cover the cost for sick leave.

In cases where Labor Insurance payments do not reach fifty percent of salary, the employer shall make up the difference.

I rant about that every single time it occurs in the whack things thread. That is just pure bullshittery. I would rather not have the holiday.