Sick pay

I found this information on a search in Forumosa. Can anyone verify if it’s true? Sorry if this has already been covered, but I didn’t find anything more complete in my search.

Article 4
When a worker must receive medical service or rest on account or ordinary injury. sickness, or for physical reasons, he shall be entitled to ordinary sickness leave according to the following provisions:

For the non-hospitalized, a total of less than 30 days in one year;
For the hospitalized, not exceeding 1 year;
The total of hospitalized and non-hospitalized sick leave shall not exceed 1 year.
For ordinary sick leave not exceeding 30 days in one year, a worker shall be entitled to half pay.

Yes. that’s correct. Reputable firms will follow the law, but many smaller companies do not. Many will require you give them a note from the doctor to prove that you were ill.

Thanks for that. You don’t happen to know where this was sourced from, do you? I looked for “Article 4” in the govt. work rules, but got different information.