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Really? I should note that I’m not American, so it would seem surprising if Taiwanese banks are sharing information about non-American customers with other Taiwanese banks under FATCA, no?

Pretty much any foreign customer is scrutinized. But once again, I would ask and find out how they know these things - I am very interested.

They are using the JCIC credit system which also applies for bank accounts. All open accounts in 3 months will show on this report but it doesn’t affect your score. They also track how many times in 3 months you apply for credit. Lets say most banks will not consider you for more credit if you’ve applied for 3 or more credit products in 3 months.

The tracking of new accounts on JCIC is old, it’s not a new thing


Ah okay, that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying!


What the bank reports to the tax office is how much they give you in interest annually. They do not share the amount on your account unless you are being audited. Same as your employer reports to the Tax Office how much they gave you salary throughout the year.

Whatever you do with your money is not of their business, they care about what is reported and you have to pay taxes on that. why do you think all landlords take rent in cash? :wink:

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