Siemens sells washing machines

NSFW - nudity … er-Tlpizza

Sooo unrealistic… when being in free fall, those fake silicon boobies should look sooo aweful flapping around :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah das ist mal ein wirklich cooler Werbespot!

What does it say at the end?

And are those Hollywood rejects?

just over the boundary

(or ‘just across the border’ if that makes any sense)

Edit: Actually it makes sense, Fleggaard is a German company (selling tech stuff / electrical appliances) that runs the advertisment in Denmark.

It has been mentioned as one of the best commercials ever by several experts.

Subsequently, the company posted a 20% sales increase.

Fleggard A/S is a Danish company, headquartered in Denmark, BTW, that said all their shops are south of the border.