Sierra Nevada Brewery

Hiya folks,

I’m from Chico, California, home to the very fine Sierra Nevada Brewery. My ex hubby used to work there and bring home a case of beer a week as a bonus. Whoa, miss those days. I like Taiwan beer, but…it’s just not the same.

It appears that Ken Grossman, owner of Sierra Nevada, doesn’t export his excellent product here to Taiwan. Now, I had one fellow tell me that he was pretty sure he bought some over on the Mainland when he was there, so I think Ken should treat us equally. Anyone interested in an e-mail campaign to beg SN to export to Taiwan?

The Brewery website is and there is a contact e-mail address to use, should you be interested. I wrote once, no response. Maybe if a lot of people write, something will happen. I do believe in miracles, I do believe in miracles, I do…

Used to be able to buy that at Mitsokoshi Dep. Store. Jason’s used to have it as well. Good, but pricey. Worth it, though I imagine it was a tough sell to most consumers…

A big :thumbsup: :beer: in seconding missing Sierra Nevada Pale Ale , especially their draft version.
My long time local bar in Seal Beach, Cali had large pints, 20oz, for US$2.25 a glass.
I certainly do miss spending the afternoon having a few pints of this fine ale and solving the worlds problems.

Yeah, I checked into distribution rights for Sierra Nevada beers, too, when I lived in Taiwan. :slight_smile:

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, as TC notes, is a wonderful beer and would match very well, I think, with nearly any Asian food. SNPA out on a patio, in the spring when the air’s warm but the ground’s still frozen, well that’s just heaven (yes I know the ground does not freeze in Taiwan).

SNPA actually improves in flavor when had from the keg. TC’s experience was a great, great value by any retail standard.

Jason’s probably offers the bottle, which ain’t bad by a long shot.


Yet another example of something wonderful being sold in Taiwan, and then becoming unavailable…

Mmmmmm…Sieera Nevada Pale Ale draft…

Yet another example of something wonderful being sold in Taiwan, and then becoming unavailable…[/quote]

I’ll keep checking on my infrequent trips to Jason’s (and the other “wai guo” stores). Maybe it will come around again. I may take a trip back to Chico in June, so I’ll hit the pub for some brewskies while I’m there, and I’ll bring some back in my suitcase!

Hm, maybe my new job in Taiwan will be beer importer…

Funny, I called the Brewery when I was stateside last time and asked about skipping to Taiwan. They said that they can’t. I’ll send them an email and encourage others to do the same.

Their Pale Ale, Porter and Stout are absolutely killer. My sister is sending me a 12-pack as we speak.

BTW, I’ve been to Jason’s recently and I have to say that their beer selecton is absolute bollocks! Bud, Coors and a handful of Belgian beers which are far too light for any real beer-drinker’s tastes.

I’m heading back to Chico on May 28 for a visit, and I’ll stop by the Brewery and make my plea in person.

It’s too bad the City Super in Hong Kong carries Pale Ale and Stout, but the City Super here doesn’t.

im trying to send some photos but having great difficulty. ive read the q&a, loaded my pics to the web, but they dont show up here.

i have a mosaic on my house made of bottle caps. i would like to share the images.

i have steel siding on my house, so i put a magnet under each cap and they stick to my house. my first phase of the mosaic was 1,000 sierra nevada pale ale caps. the other 1,000 are a mix of blue, red, gold and black caps.

any helpers or info on how to get some images to work. i had to edit this thread 3 times because the images are not loading.



And here’s their response:

"Thank you for taking the time to contact us. At this time Sierra Nevada
Brewing Co. only distributes to the UK. We are researching various
other markets, but have no plans to distribute elsewhere at this time.

Sierra J. Grossman

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
1075 East 20th St
Chico, CA 95928
Tel: (530) 893-3520
Fax: (530) 893-1275"
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

[quote=“mildsevenlights”]At this time Sierra Nevada
Brewing Co. only distributes to the UK. We are researching various
other markets, but have no plans to distribute elsewhere at this time.[/quote]

Well, now, that’s not entirely true, since I was able to buy their beer in Hong Kong (which, as we all know, is not a part of the UK).

My ex-husband used to work there, so I’ll see if he can talk to Ken Grossman himself about it. Maybe he can just keep bugging Ken, and bugging him, and bugging him… :smiling_imp:

Check out the great artwork that John created with beer bottle caps!

The rest of the photos can be found at:

It’s beautiful, John. What a great use of something most people just toss in the trash.


I was just in Hong Kong a couple days ago and passed by a City Super there…

If I had known…

But I DID have Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!! 7th floor, Times Square, Causeway Bay for anyone headed there. There’s also one in the airport.

Dear CB500Fan,

Thanks so much for your help with posting my pics!!


John Moss

[quote=“JOHN MOSS”]Dear CB500Fan,

Thanks so much for your help with posting my pics!![/quote]

Glad to help out :slight_smile:

ahhh, sierra nevada pale ale…i am actually enjoying one (6) right now.

mmm, so ding dang darn refreshing, i wish someone would invent the never ending bottle-mine seem to run out too soon.

good thing i can pick them up at work at 20% discount.

this slug is for you jwbrunken…burp. mmm, tastes good coming up too.

hope this post gives more answers to your query in the other forum.

oh, and the celebration ale is something beyond words, so i will not even try.

it comes out for about 6-8 weeks here (nov.-dec.), limited time to enjoy but it makes each year worth it to see it on the shelf again.



I think you are nejoying making my mouth water for that hoppy goodness. Seems, I’m SOL till I get back to the States. I will put in an email to the company. Why the hell not? Something to do while my daughter is napping.

Aren’t there any foreign bar owners here who have looked into getting some to stock their fridge? Hell, I’d pay $200NT for one right now.

While In Hong Kong last week, I tried Tsing Tao Dark Beer, which I hadn’t seen before (maybe we have it in Taiwan and I’ve just never noticed). I was suprised to find that it reminded me a lot of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. True, not as tasty, but a good substitute if you can’t get the real thing.

Drank lots and lots of SN when I went back to Chico in May :slight_smile: