Sign a contract BEFORE you get on a plane?

Do all employers ask you to sign a contract BEFORE you get on a plane? I was told this was to process my work visa.
Maybe you can tell am a little hesitant.
Last time I worked in Taiwan, I boarded the plane, I met the principal , visited the school and then signed the contract. I discussed the job with the recruiter before I left, so there were no surprises.

You can sign a contract before you get on the plane, assuming you trust the person you’re signing with. Sign it, they issue the work visa, and you can get a resident visa from your home country’s TECO before you land in Taiwan.

What about the medical exam that’s needed to get a work permit? The translation of a degree? Have things changed a lot since the 1900s?

Signing a contract before you have arrived and checked out the school is a bit like putting on a condom after you nail the dirty old slag.
Especially in Taiwan. That goes for the slag as well.

I didn’t need a medical exam for my work permit.