Signatures: why did you pick yours?

I think someone’s signature can be a good reflection of who they are because it’s what they choose as their final word for their thoughts. For those who have bought back the rights to show them and for those who have personal favorites that they haven’t bought the privilege to display them, why do you have your chosen signature?

Please list your signature within your post since they can change.

My old one was “We live and learn, but alas at different rates” which is so true although after some criticism from miltownkid I changed it to…
“If the English language made sense a catastrophe would be an apostrophe with fur.” which I chose as a substitute for my old one and because whenever I try to explain certain points in grammar or pronunciation/spelling to my 4th grade students I usually wind up saying, “English is such a weird language sometimes.”
Now I choose to quote something that I blogged not too long ago, “It was not exactly what I expected, but I can live with what it turned out to be.” since it’s my personal take of life and because it was my own thought, it reflected me better.
Okay, now your turn.

Mine disappeared a few days ago and I don’t know why. Something to do with the new guanxi system?

Anyway, it was the line from Monty Python’s Life of Brian just after ‘Blessed are the Cheesemakers’ - everyone is trying to figure out what the hell Jesus was on about, and descending into a pointless and violent argument.

One woman suddenly got it, and shrieked out “Oh, it’s the meek. Blessed are the meek. That’s nice innit? Nice to see them getting something 'cos they have a hell of a time.”

Chosen because I was having a pointless argument with tigerman about the mess in the middle East, and US involvement in it, at the time.

I might pick something new.

Hey ImaniOU,

I picked my signature (please it check below) to correspond what is currently going through my brain.

Hope you stayed out of trouble down south.


Don’t worry, I did…well except Okami forcing me to drive him by scooter to Hengchun and not comforting me when I got a boo boo from my first (and only to date) scooter accident. Big poopyhead. BTW, sorry for crashing on you in Kaohsiung.
I think you have to buy your signature back still.

I use to have a multilingual ars longa vita brevis before segue upgrade sent them to oblivion. So temp’ly I’m using tian xia wu lan shu, zhi pa you xin ren. It’s a deliberate pun I made on an idiom which supposed to mean, nothing impossible on earth if you work hard on it.