Signed a contract with a school to come to Taiwan in July, you think work visas will be cancelled?

I’m really worried…current situation in Taiwan looking bleak: What’s the likelihood of them stopping issuing work visas?

I will have had two vaccines by the time I go, will be working in a buxiban, I’m from the UK

About 59%.

But seriously, no one on this forum will be able to predict what will happen in the next 1-2 months. (You might get a whole bunch of opinions though.)


Like he said, no one knows, but the precedents suggest a poor prognosis.

I think work itself may be cancelled, and if it isn’t I may cancel work.

I suppose I’ll have to go through the motions of online fakery with unusable Tchiwanese systems to the end of this term, but I/m not interested in faking the next semester or two if the situation doesn’t improve.

A pity, because there were one or two interesting possibilities coming up next year.

Get in ASAP and then prepare financially for the possibility of being here with no work for a few weeks

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Trying to get things done as fast as possible, visa process is so slow…

Which precedents? They only have cancelled tourist visas before right

The precedents of virus outbreaks in other countries?


The precedents on school closures in non-contained countries (i.e. Pretty Much The Rest Of The World Except Palau).

Your visa worries are a symptom.

Not, like, The Disease.

OTOH if you can show evidence of any special online teaching skills or experience I suppose you MIGHT actually be in a better competitive position, if you can find a school that is interested in doing a relatively good job, as opposed to just faking it.

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My contract is with Shane, a big chain, idk if that might help in anyway? (as opposed to a small buxiban which may not be able to afford to take on a new teacher during closures?)

I meant precedent related to specifically banning work visa entry

Yeh, that was fairly obvious.

I didn’t., Ditto.

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I was replying to TT


We’re not prophets. Depends on how well Taiwan gets this under control, but it’s not looking good tbh.

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If Taiwan is in the midst of a major outbreak come July, would you still want to come if you’re allowed in? :thinking:


One concern I would have is whether a Taiwanese buxiban would actually be paying teachers, especially new teachers who haven’t started yet, during a lockdown. :grin:

So there might not be anything for them to not be able to afford lol

Absolutely. I will have been vaccinated, and I have lived through a miserable UK winter lockdown with horrific covid levels.

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Idc if I’m not paid for a month or two, as long as I’m allowed in. I’ll sleep on the street if I have to lmao


Emmm doesnt sound like a good plan
Apply for other countries also.

I’m not interested in other countries, I want to immigrate to Taiwan, like, forever.

You would not want to sleep on the street in a Taiwan summer , you will probably die from the heat and mosquito bites and get harassed…