Signing (簽) vs. filling (填) fields in a passport application in English vs. in Chinese

I have done all of my written communication with TECO in English for authentication and other steps. I signed my authentication application form in English. I was planning to sign my ROC passport application form in English. I just realized that I have never seen any information about whether the ROC passport application should be signed in Chinese, or English, or either language.

I am filling out the ROC passport application form. In question 12 in the first blank field, I am told on the form to 填 my name, but in the instructions I am told to 簽 my name. I think of 簽 as providing a signature, and 填 as printing my name clearly (not a signature). What do they want here?

簽名 should be hand written.
填 can be stamped or printed out.


Thank you. I agree with you and this is why I am confused. 簽 and 填 are instructions for the same blank.

If you hand write your name clearly, it fulfills both requirements.

But 填 means just fill the blank iiuc, so it could be not meaning printing your name clearly.

Oh thank you very much. Do you think that is what they meant, to print clearly by hand? If I signed a regular signature (in cursive handwriting) would it be rejected?

I looked the form, and I think the instruction just says you should fill the blanks 11 and 12. I don’t think it means printing your name clearly.

Thank you for looking at the form. You are completely right that the form itself says 填. I have additional instructions that were emailed to me. The document of instructions emailed to me said to 簽.


12 【領照人簽名欄】
郵寄辦理者,可在上方(“茲聲明已領訖_________”)處先填上持照人姓名,(“領照人簽名:")處空白,("證件號碼:”)處填寫回郵 Courier 信封上之郵件編號收執聯貼紙號碼(未填號碼者本處將代填)。

If you are talking on the blank at “茲聲明已領訖_________”, I think you should print your name clearly by hand or stamp or printer. Iiuc, cursive handwriting is not expected for there.

Thank you.
When you used the term “printed” do you mean print by handwriting, printed by a computer/typewriter, or are you including both kinds of printing?
When you say stamped, do you mean with a signature chop?