Silence of the (Beijing) Ducks

Those ducks live a life of torture, being pumped full of food with a hose, before being slaughtered so you can enjoy eating their roasted corpses.

Knock it off will you Juba. I’m sure the rice suffered just as brutally under the farmer’s boots, before it was mercilessly threshed and winnowed. This is a food forum, not a friggin animal rights newsletter.

Juba, they do not! And they are not! They spend their lives in feces-filled open air ponds with a bit of mud to sit on. They are not force-fed – can you imagine one or two farmers/workmen (for that’s how many people usually work these farms) force-feeding maybe 2,000 ducks?

As Monkey said, this is a restaurant forum, so I’ll let the post sit for a while, but I don’t think its appropriate here. I don’t want to see any stupid flame wars between meat-eaters and veggies. (Well, I do actually, but not in the restaurant forum :wink: )

And Monkey, watch it with the rice references – you’re risking the wrath of the Dolce & Gabbana-clad rice slasher cereal killer of Chungli.

The food being dicussed happens to be made of animal. By the way, I have visited a Beijing duck farm - in Beijing, no less - and seen for myself how it is done. The ducks are force fed to increase the fat content of the meat.[quote]Before you take up the menu, you might want to know more about how Peking Roasted Duck is made and how it is served. The ducks are raised for the sole purpose of making the food. Force-fed, they are kept in cages which restrain them from moving about, so as to fatten them up and make the meat comparably tender.[/quote]Source: The Famous Peking Roasted Duck

Do you suppose Taiwan uses the Chinese or the Australian method?

Ducks here are not kept in cages, as you can clearly see anytime you take a drive in the country, especially in the central/south. And the meat is not anywhere near as fatty as the stuff served in Beijing.

Please, Juba, if you want to start a thread on animal husbandry in Taiwan, be my guest, but not in the restaurant forum.


Shame there’s no “snigger” emoticon …