Silver Spitfire WW2 plane not coming to Taipei/Kaohsiung

A rare chance to see one of the planes that defended England in WW2 and helped free Europe!

This particular spitfire plane was built in 1943, so is real WW2 vintage. It was de-militarized in the meanwhile, though. It currently is on a flight around the world.

The schedule seems not 100% settled and depends on the weather. But around this Friday the 18th it should be in Taipei. I read somewhere it’s expected at Songshan airport, but that’s not confirmed I think. There seems also a 2nd stop, maybe Kaohsiung or some other bigger city?

Following the flight on Twitter seems best, I guess they announce a day ahead where they will be:

Also the British Office in Taipei posts about this on Facebook:

If anyone has more details, please keep us posted!


Very cool. The summer after my freshman year in college, some friends of mine and I quit our summer jobs early so we could take a long, meandering road trip to visit the Smithsonian galaxy of museums in Washington, DC. It was quite an adventure, but I still remember seeing the Spirit of St. Louis dangling over my head and thinking Lindbergh had to have been insane. It is so, so tiny.

Those old flyers, before the time of jet aircraft, they were something. The Spitfire was and remains a legend in the history of Western civilization. In real life I bet it seems way too tiny and far too fragile to have ever made a significant difference in any world event whatsoever.


Seems like the weather is keeping the Spitfire in Japan for longer than expected:

So not today in Taiwan. Hope she comes soon!

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Updated the title, seems the second stop in Taiwan is Kaohsiung. Regarding Taipei, Songshan airport is mentioned in the below update.

Songshan airport announced the spitfire to arrive at 11:00 am tomorrow, October 19th. Nothing official yet from the spitfire team…

Other rumors are tomorrow 10am or postponed to 23rd. Let’s see the live flight tracker…


Looks more like Sunday 20th now:

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Still no updates on their media channels, but the live flight tracker shows it in Taichung now. No stops in Taipei or Kaohsiung yet.


Thanks a lot! So, according to the article unfortunately the weather made them change plans and skip Taipei and Kaohsiung. Today Taichung, likely tomorrow Hong Kong.

And still no official update on their Twitter, Facebook, … :roll_eyes:

Sad to say you’ve missed it, it flew in to TaiChung around noon and is supposed to be leaving for HK tomorrow morning. There were a bunch of us at SongShan today waiting, waiting, waiting… What a shame.

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