Simple ARC renewal question?

My ARC will be up for renewal soon and just want to know what is the procedure. Do I need to do another Health Check (I hope not) and do I need to present all the documents again, like the first time? Just would like to know is it exactly the same as the first time, or do I just go up to the Foreign Affairs Police Station and just get the ARC stamped?

You have to have a health check again. You also have to have your schools papers. You do not have to present your documents.

Is it for a work visa or JFRV - one through marriage?

You don’t need a health check for the latter and I’m not sure about the former. I defer to Stevie Boy.


It’s for an ARC through marriage. Does that mean i need to also update the JFRV? But happy to hear that I will not need to re-do the Health Check. The first time was awful enough. Thanks for your replies.

No, that means you are extending your JFRV, right? You’ve obtained an ARC based on your marriage (JFRV) and now you have to extend it?

I hope you don’t have to go to Banqiao.

If you are extending a JFRV (looks just like an ARC but says in Chinese yi qin , there’s quite a thread on it here:

& here:

Good luck

From what I sighted in the earlier threads, you need:

  1. House hold registration.
  2. current ARC.
  3. Passport.
  4. Application form.
  5. Money ($3000NT / $1000NT per year)
    No health Health Check.

Also my ARC expires in December, so when is the earliest date i can apply to renew of my ARC.
I live in taipei city, so do hope that all will go without any trouble when I do apply. After reading the earlier posts, feel a bit apprehesive. I hope they give me 3 years as well. Thanks HG & others for sharing your experiences.

Taipei City no problem. Only other thing is to check your spouse’s household registration. If it’s outside Taipei, you’ll need to bring your rent book, to proove that you are in Taipei City.



That looks cool.

You actually need a print out from your local government office of your household registration - hu ji teng ben in Chinese - well pinyin (blame my computer) and not necessarily the actual household registration, but perhaps bring it just in case. I’m not sure if this has to be within three months or whether you can use the one you would have got your JFRV with. To be safe I’d suggest you get one printed off. It only costs NT$10 a copy, a slight hassle. If your Chinese isn’t up to it get the better half onto it or it could be a shit show.

From the thread, and I’ve followed it closely :wink: you are a lucky man to be in Taipei City. Banqiao seem to be the sole bastards in the limited extension deal. Take NT$3,000 and expect 3 years. I’m sure things will go swimmingly.

No need for the thanks. Just returning the same favour I got of this very site when I joined in the hope of getting the advice I’m know capable of giving. Sure you’ll return the favour to someone else. That’s the way it works.

Good luck.


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Just to be clear in Taipei City you can use the original Household Registration Book, or a printout form withint he last 3 months.