Simple HTML program

I want to do some simple HTML pages and would like some suggestions. Back in my HTML days I used Homesite, but I can’t remember if it has a WYSIWYG editor.

The pages I want to do are going to be really simple, but I don’t feel like doing the coding thing again. What would you guys recommend for a simple WYSIWYG editor.


WebDwarf V2 is pretty nice and probably what you’re looking for: … nload.html

and I’ve always liked Amaya…

Netscape composer, but I end up going back and tidying up the source using notepad.

In fact, come to think of it, I fiddle about on a new page then port the code into a template that has my ‘standard’ colours, fonts, etc. already in place.

Embarrassing to say, but as a complete HTML dunce I’m actually very happy with Microsoft FrontPage. I particularly like all the clever stuff it does to keep all my internal links correct.

Dreamweaver MX and Homesite are downloadable as a 30-days trial version from macromedia … (cracks available :wink:)

for linux there is : Bleufish en Ginf (both gnome) and Quanta (KDE)

but ofcourse there is still VIM and Notepad :stuck_out_tongue:

Where would one be able to download Netscape Composer? I promised Sharky I’d find it for her.

There should be a link somewhere about downloads. Composer comes with the entire bundles of Netscape tools (browser, mail, composer, etc.)

OT but what programs make nice banners and buttons and do the neat anti-alias thingy? I downloaded the trial version of Fireworks but it was a little too complicated for me. I need something simpler.

Xara ver 3 should do that for you.

Simple to use and fast


There should be a link somewhere about downloads. Composer comes with the entire bundles of Netscape tools (browser, mail, composer, etc.)[/quote]

Netscape is dead…long live Mozilla!

a lot of banners are animated gif’s so user your favorite search engine to search for that, or check tucows. There are a lot of small programs out there, some are freeware, other are shareware (trial or but some small text in the picture).

The best program out there for GIF animation, on the object level is Ulead GIF Animator … also happens to be the only boxed product in the market sold at stores. Very successful product. Simple and powerful.

It has banner templates set up.

You can get Caligari’s trueSpace 3.2 for free at:

Dreamweaver MX has a built in tutorial and excellent help files. Can also connect to microsoft access database if you want to put a forum in your webpage.

Good forum at

Also has layers which is like putting pictures on an invisible mat and moving the mat around to where it is to your liking. Like Wyswyg stuff.

I was using Webford 2.01 to help make some pages.

Not really WYSIWIG. But still more approachable than the others I have tried.


Finally found what I was looking for. An open source WYSIWYG that works the way I was expecting it to.

I recommend giving this one a try.