Simplified shen2 instead of traditional?


I’m using a Windows PC (English) and have installed the language files under control panel, set for Chinese (Taiwan) with Keyboard Microsoft New Phonetic IME 2002a and using Hanyu pinyin as the mapping.

However, I’ve noticed that although in Taiwan people generally seem to use 什 (simplified shen2) in writing, the only choice given by the Chinese input on my PC is 甚.

If possible, I’d like to change this to use the simplified character (but continue to use the normal traditional characters for everything else).

Has anyone else noticed this, or does anyone know if there’s a setting I can use to make this change?

Also, are there other characters which are commonly written as simplified in Taiwan?


Try “she” instead of “shen”. For some reason the Taiwanese “spell” 什麼 (using bopomofo) as “sheme” rather than “shenme” as is standard in the mainland.


heh. it works. that’s so wild.

Yep, my Mak don’t like 什 either. Must to press ‘she’.

The character can also be pronounced (and typed) shi2, as in 什錦 shi2jin3.

甚 but not 什 can also be typed shen4, as in shen4zhi4 甚至 ‘so much so that; even to the point of’. This might be the earliest of these pronunciations, btw – at least it’s the first listed (usually indicating earliest recorded) in the 漢語大字典 HYDZD, which gives its first known meaning as 異常安樂 yi4chang2an1le4 ‘unusual happiness’(?), which underwent semantic extension to become 貪愛淫樂 tan1ai4yin2le4, lasciviousness, prurience (?). As far as I can gather, the character is first attested in the form (pardon my bad paintshopped sketch here) on a middle to late Zhou dynasty bronze. Ok, I’ll shut up now. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s great…thanks very much for telling us how to do this!