Sincere condolences to citizen k

Bob, even though I know you, I haven’t spoken to you yet, because, well, I have no idea what to say. :frowning:
The CIHL will be having an event on Sunday March 19th with all proceeds going to the family of Vicky Ford.
More details to follow.

deepest sympathies to you and your family.


my sympathies having been expressed privately, let me say here that the grace, courage and strength you’ve displayed have been inspirational. I am in awe.

:flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:


My deepest sympathies for your loss.

Just caught this. What a tragedy. A close mate of mine died when I was in my early 20s and it broke my heart. Can only imagine what you are going through Bob.

:flowers: All the best in this difficult time…

Wishing you peace and the strength to overcome this. Onwards and upwards, dear fellow!

Sincere condolences.

Stanley Livingstone

There’s not much I can say, and I can’t even imagine what you are going through.
My sincere condolences.

Sincere condolences with your loss.

Jesus H Citizen K, take care of yourself right now mate.

Gobsmacked when I saw this.

On a more practical level, my girlfriend is Thai, if there is anything at all you need done in Thailand, or from Thailand, I can most certainly help.


My sincerest condolences.

My deepest sympathies and condolences to you Bob.

My deepest sympathies as well. I’m really sorry this happened.

Keep on keeping on.

[quote=“Maoman”]I received an announcement today about the service. Here are the details:

[quote]The memorial serivce willl be held this Friday from 2pm to 4pm at the funeral parlor on Xinhai Road, the place on the right just before the tunnel leading into Muzha.

It has been suggested that we arrive at 3pm and spend the hour there until Bob leaves in the hearse. Dress should basically be black and or white, black jeans ok.

Each person who wishes to pay their respects will be announced and you come in and offer incense and bow 3 times before tha altar (both before and after a moment of prayer, meanwhile Bob and Vicky’s family will be lined up on either side of the altar. I will arrange for a bouquet of flowers from the league. Individuals can prepare white envelopes with cash inside as they like, maybe check with a Taiwanese friend how much is appropriate, this can be given at the desk set up for such where it is entered into the register.
I’m taking a sick day today - I’ve got a nasty cold, and I don’t want to infect anyone. I’m there in spirit, though! We’re all pulling for you, Bob. :frowning:

Bob, our prayers and thoughts are with you. Sincere condolences from the both of us.

  • Derek and MengChun

Condolences and sympathies in this time of loss…


Sorry for you loss. Please stay in touch with us to lets know how you are doing, and if we can do anything for you. We’re hear to just lend an ear or buy a beer if you need it.


Words are inadequate at a time like this…

My sincerest condolences.