Singapore / Hong Kong 60's CD's


I’m visiting Taiwan (Taipei) for the first time tomorrow. I might be staying at the Gloria Prince Hotel. I will be searching for some Asian 60’s music such as Rita Chao and Nancy Sit (
Only CD - I don.t have a record player.
Might anyone know of any good shop in Taipei s that might carry these CDs?


Many stores have surprisingly impressive back collections of old stuff. Sorry, can’t direct you to any particular store, but just a heads up you will need the Chinese for their names.
Rita Chao - 凌雲
Nancy Sit - 薛家燕


Just west of your hotel, on the southeast corner of Zhongshan North Road and Minsheng East Road, there’s a CD store that has an excellent selection of classical music. They might also have what you’re looking for. But if not, the city has CD stores all over.

The Eslite CD and DVD stores (the largest is probably that in the Eslite building near the Taipei City Hall MRT station) would almost certainly have a large selection of the type of music your interested in; but they are relatively expensive.