Single entry Taiwan compatriot permits China airports

Anyone have experience doing this?

I read on Wikipedia with those ROC passport and ROC ID card but no long term Taiwan compatriot pass, it’s possible to get a single entry permit at certain Airports in mainland China Shanghai being one of them.

If anyone have such experience that they are willing to share I will appreciate it.

I really don’t want to have to make multi day stop in Hong Kong or Macau if I don’t have to.

When I travel with my Taiwan friends to Guangzhou via Hong Kong, they alway stop at a special Taiwan window at the Hong Kong airport to get some type of authorization to enter China, where we are heading directly to on the same day from Hong Kong via train. Don’t know details.

I’ve taken many day trips all the way from Taipei to Hong Kong to Guangzhou and back on same route to Taipei so I see them do this every time.

Hi, did you end up being able to obtain a compatriot pass after landing, using your Taiwanese passport? Its very hard to find official information on this processes. Thank you!

Not yet, thus want to ask, actually its for someone in the family. I am curious is it still possible to do it in Hong Kong Airport or Macau airport. And how many days? About to ask a new question on this. I know that CTSHK generally contain the information but it seems there has been less information and it appears almost no information about Macau branches anymore. There is also no info about whether its possible to get it from Hong Kong Airport. As I don’t know if an ROC passport can be used to enter Hong Kong without an extra permit(including Taiwan compatriot pass) I know for certain that ROC passport alone can be used to enter Macau for 30 days and one can transit between HKG to Macau without officially entering Hong Kong.