Single Parent


I have a quick question without going into all the details. My Taiwanese wife and I recently divorced after 10 years of marriage. I returned to the states in 2011 to help with family issues for 1 year. During that time she asked for a divorce. With out details I assumed it was a distance issue and worked and saved to return to Taiwan. After returning I discovered the reason for the divorce request. As they say “When the cats away the mice will play”

After a few months trying to be understanding and work through it I gave up and agreed to the divorce. I have custody of our two kids and she has no obligation emotionally or financially to the kids or family. Which made it easy to get the divorce done. However, financially I am at ends. School, cram school, food and necessities are required. I am financially capable with these but it is very tight.

Even being polite and ask for some assistance is met with disdain. " You wanted the kids you have to pay" " Dont ask me for money".Blah, Blah, Blah…

My question is this…Now that the divorce is final is there any recourse to implement a child support claim against her? Without jeopardizing the current agreement? The kids dont ask about her, they dont miss her. Heck we lived in the US for more than a year and the only mention of their mother was when I brought up her birthday or mothers day. We have been well established as a family without her. But their are expenses and I feel it wrong for her to get off scott free with no worries. Living with her mother, paying not bills. etc. etc. While we have to scratch to get by.

Bump for Justice :help: