Singles day sales and Black Friday 2022

Any particular sales?

My phone plan expires soon and I’d like to shop around for the cheapest 4G/5G plan, and maybe bundle with iPhone if it doesn’t cost much extra. I heard you can get unlimited data 4G for 299 a month.

Costco is running Black Friday deals which is later this month

Shopee has free shipping on singles day


If you cannot fill your heart with love, I suppose you could fill your room with stuff. :neutral_face:


Love’s overrated. Dates and weddings are expensive.


Do you have home internet as well?

For some reason, I read shingles day.

Kind of.
You can get it for 298 at FET, but it’s limited to 1Mbps.


We have a thread for that!



ChungHwa is 599/month and actually works most places ,plus decent speed. We tried far eastern a couple times and were disappointed everytime.

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Singles day (11/11) and Black Friday (Costco) coming soon. Time to create a shopping list and look around for deals.

Personally I’ve been waiting for this date for a long time to buy a bed, fridge, washer, home furniture, dehumidifier, landline etc.

At the non brand name stores you can probably start asking for a 11/11 discount already.

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I think I need to get one of those mosquito tent AC unit. It’s to help me save money next summer.

Lots of 11/11 deals starting on momo. I just grabbed a Frigidaire washer and dryer, regular price 20k and discounted to 13k. I have a momo credit card so there’s more cash back from there. Free delivery, installation and they will recycle your old washer for free. You can view the top hot items on sale (the washer was #2 in the washer category).

Dyson digital slim sv18 vacuum is on sale at like half price, saw some good youtube reviews. I did some price comparison and the items are cheaper than in store at carrefour.

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Here’s a L shaped leather couch discounted from 85k to 13k for singles day. Lots of similar deals. I wonder if the original pricing is remotely accurate or whether there’s some catch. Still much cheaper than my previous ikea 2 seater that cost 20k.

【IHouse】卡亞 現代風 科技皮L型沙發/4人+腳椅(贈抱枕四顆)【12911元】

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I seriously doubt that couch ever sold for 85,000. That might be the “original price” but nobody would ever pay that.

Looks like IKEA also started 11/11 sales, lasts 11/1 til 11/14

Costco Black Friday is 11/24 to 11/26

Me too. Been waiting for years!


I ordered a Dyson vacuum Sunday night on momo and it got delivered Monday morning around 9am with free shipping. Quite impressed! Faster than Amazon.

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IKEA sale:

Costo Fubon cobrand card cashback is 5%.

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