The Chinese vaccine for COVID-19 has been released. I found out that Indonesia has now imported the SINOVAC into their country to inoculate their population. The Indonesian president is the first to be inoculated. There are other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and The Philippines that will import the SINOVAC.

Taiwan, is where we are. There are currently no COVID-19 vaccines in Taiwan
at this present time. However, do you think that the Executive Yuan is going to approve of the SINOVAC from China? I doubt it.

If Taiwan does approve of a vaccine, It could be the one from Astra. If it will be the
Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, I would be skeptical about that one. The reason why is because I read a news article from Daily News that says that two dozen people from a nursing home in Norway have died after taking the vaccine. The people who died after the inoculations are mostly at age 80 and above.

As for the SINOVAC, a lot of people are not trustworthy of that vaccine because it’s
made in China. But that will be the vaccine they will use in parts of Southeast Asia. But will Taiwan accept the SINOVAC? Should Taiwan accept the SINOVAC?

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