"Siraya National Park" not actually a national park

What the Taipei Times reported a few days ago to be a new national park is not a national park. It’s actually a national scenic area, Siraya National Scenic Area 西拉雅國家風景區, named after the lowland aboriginal tribe that used to live around here.

CNA made a translation error, which the Taipei Times failed to notice.

See the original CNA report here:

Is the difference between national park and national scenic area important? Yes. The former body has some power to stop commercialization, unauthorized access, illegal land-use etc, while the latter is basically a tourist-promotion body.

The scenic area covers Baihe (Tainan County) and Dapu (Chiayi County) in the north and Sinhua and Zuojhen (Tainan County) in the south. There’s quite a bit of pretty scenery, but you won’t notice much lowland aboriginal flavor…

WHAT? Surely this cannot be? CNA made an error? Never in a million years! :wink:

That is a really cool slice of Taiwan -the Siraya area.