Site bug suggestion

just a small suggestion to improve the site. on the main forums page( the links to the threads under the “last post” column do not work. if you look at the url of those links(for example:;f=1;t=000635) you’ll notice that there are semi-colons where amphersands(&) should be. if you replace those 2 semi-colons, the links will work again.

hope this helps.

Thank you, Flipper,

This should help. Thank you!

And here I was explaining this glitch away as some quirk of the PHP Accelerator

Soon it will be out of business!!!

The main page of your web site doesn’t load completely on my computer, but the links at the navigation bar works.

Am I the only one having this problem?

No offense, I hope.

I’ve had the same problem that Holger has. I wonder how many new visitors to Oriented are turned away because the navigational bar at the top of the main page doesn’t load correctly. Sure, you can still click on the links, but the graphical file does not load. Should be something that’s easy to fix.