Sites for downloading FLV or other accessible Chinese media

Hi neighbors,

I’m looking for authentic audio/video material that can be used in a Chinese class. I assumed it would be easy to find on YouTube or Wretch, but I’ve had little luck. All my searches have come up with sappy kiddy crap or legislators beating each other.

I’d really like to find advertisements, weather reports, or other everyday stuff in flv, mpg, mp3, or any other common formats. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I just went to youtube and searched for 廣告. Lots of usable stuff came up.

7-11 Ad: is also a good source of Chinese videos
Sports news:
Cooking show:

Thanks, that’s a great site! Lots of useful stuff there.

Thanks for the YouTube links as well sjcma. I’d seen those, but they don’t have quite enough language in them. I was looking more for something like that sappy car ad that used to run in which the son recalls all his father did for him, and ends with the son handing his dad keys to a new car. Of course, why would anybody put THAT on YouTube!

Thanks again.